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Referencing your work correctly is vital. If you do not cite your sources correctly, it may prevent your work from being assessed or accepted for publication.

Referencing styles at Deakin University

When submitting work for assessment, it is important that you use the appropriate referencing style as prescribed by your Faculty or School. Check with your supervisor to confirm the style you are required to use. Deakin University's Academic Skills unit has produced a number of resources on referencing styles used at Deakin University.

Referencing styles for commercial publishers

When submitting your work for publication, for example a journal article or book chapter, it is important to establish the style required by the publisher.

  • Journals will often include a "note to contributors" or "instructions to authors" that will outline both the format of the paper and the referencing style required.
  • EndNote, software that you can use to store and manage references and create bibliographies, includes many general and journal specific referencing styles. Existing styles in EndNote can be modified to suit a particular style.

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