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Databases and ejournals

A database is a searchable collection of references to journal and other literature. Databases can be subject specific and narrow in focus, or multidisciplinary covering a wide range of subjects. You can select and search databases individually or as a group

To select and search databases and ejournals:

Once you have accessed a database and before you enter your search terms, take a minute to look at the features of the search page. Despite database variations, all have certain features in common. If you understand the common elements, you can apply general principles to searching that will help when you use an unfamiliar database, or when a search interface is updated or changed.

Try this:


Access the Library Resource Guides and select a subject area relevant to your research. Browse the list of recommended relevant databases

Check out the Smart Searcher module, Searching for Journal Articles, which outlines what databases are and how to use them to locate journal articles.

Note: You may be required to use your Deakin University username and password to connect to a database. Check the information about passwords and authentication for further details