2016 Parking fees and charges.

2016 Fees and Charges (PDF, 78.4 KB)

parking@deakin 2016

We have some awesome news to share with you!

Parking at Deakin will take on a whole new look in 2016.  As we prepare to transition to our new parking system, we want to give you a sneak peek of the improved services we will be rolling out shortly.

Firstly, we have partnered with a new Pay As You Go mobile app provider that will allow you to establish an account and use your smartphone to start a parking session and end it when it suits you.  No more having to pre-determine how long you will need to park in advance and potentially paying for time not needed, you will only be charged for the parking time that you actually use.

The next change will see the demise of physical permits. New processes will be promoted shortly to explain how students, staff and contractors can apply for long term permits that will be valid for either 4 or 12 months from the date of purchase. These permits will soon be available for you to purchase online, at a time that suits you.

Our old and clunky permit machines will also be replaced with modern and easy to use pay by plate (vehicle registration) machines. These machines will only accept credit card payments which will help us to improve campus security. For those still wishing to pay for their parking using cash, pre-paid cards will be available to purchase from Student Central and these can be used with the new Pay As You Go mobile app. To address concerns raised about non-Deakin motorists parking at the Waterfront Campus, a decision has been made to remove and not replace parking permit machines at that campus.  All other permit payment options will require Deakin validation (all campuses).

Staff eligible to salary sacrifice their parking permit will be able to do so with payments deducted fortnightly from their salary. The new process will basically be a set and forget (with the exception of updating vehicle registrations) with an online application to opt in and opt out only necessary when the permit is no longer required.  Renewing annual permits will also be a thing of the past.

Prior to purchasing a parking permit, we encourage you to consider other sustainable transport options.  Maybe improved public transport services may work for you? Please visit - there you will find some really helpful university travel guides under the Getting Around tab and journey planners. We also encourage you to consider carpooling or using active transport to ride or walk to campus - we have terrific end of trip facilities to support you and these are great ways to embrace sustainable transport and reduce your travel costs. In Geelong, we also operate our award winning, free intercampus shuttle bus service that incorporates a collection point from a free park and ride location in Belmont - over 100,000 people used this service last year so why not check it out and see whether it can work for you before buying a permit?

So, that's all for now.  We will provide more detailed information shortly but in the meantime, should you have any parking related queries, please don't hesitate to email and one of our team will respond to you shortly.

Current parking permits

Deakin University operates a Triple Trimester system. Parking permits are required in General Parking Permit Zones between the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm Monday to Friday, with the exception of:

  • The ten days immediately after Christmas Day
  • Easter break (From Good Friday to Easter Tuesday inclusive)
  • University closed days (i.e. Federal public holidays)

All other Permit Zones are regulated all year round. 

Student General parking permits are available for purchase from Deakin Central and DUSA.

Students wishing to park on campus can also choose to 'pay as you go' using casual parking permit vending machines or the PayByPhone parking app

The PayByPhone Parking app locations are:

  • Melbourne Burwood Campus - 10103 
    • Melbourne Burwood Campus Carpool Car Park - 10162
  • Geelong Waterfront Campus - 10157 
    • Geelong Waterfront Campus Carpool Car Park - 10165
  • Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus - 10153
  • Warrnambool Campus - 10156

Availability of parking

Car parking on campuses is limited and in high demand.  The first 6 weeks of Trimester 1 and 2 are the most difficult times to find a car park on campus.  Consider alternative modes of transport to get to campus for example the free shuttle bus, public transport, walk or cycle – you can save yourself time and money. This will reduce parking stress and your carbon emissions. You can find the location of carparks on the campus maps for Burwood, Geelong-Waterfront, Geelong-Waurn Ponds and Warrnambool.


Have you considered sharing the ride and sharing the costs of driving to Deakin?

To support this sustainable travel option, carpool car parks are provided at the Burwood and Waterfront Campuses, providing priority parking access to multiple occupant vehicles until 11 am each work day.

To park a vehicle in a carpool car park:

  • vehicles must contain two or more persons at the time of parking
  • vehicles must display a valid Deakin Parking Permit or have a valid PayByPhone parking permit.

The PayByPhone Parking location numbers for Carpool Car Parks are:  

  • Melbourne Burwood Campus Carpool Car Park - 10162
  • Geelong Waterfront Campus Carpool Car Park - 10165 

Staff Online parking permit system (salary sacrifice only)

See above for current information for 2016, more details will follow shortly.

Accessible Parking

Category 1 and 2 Parking

All campuses have accessible parking spaces to support students, staff and visitors with a Category 1 Disabled Persons Parking Permit (issued from your local council). Category 1 permits must be displayed at all times, a Deakin parking permit is not required. Category 2 permit holders are not permitted to park in accessible parking bays however vehicles displaying a Category 2 permit are permitted to park in a General parking bay for double the duration of their paid parking.

Temporary Disabled Authority

Persons with a temporary medical condition may apply for a Temporary Disabled Authority supported by a medical certificate or letter from a Doctor or Specialist.Temporary Disabled Authority permits are to be displayed in conjunction with a valid Deakin University Parking Permit. Both permits are to be clearly visible at the bottom of the left hand side of the windscreen. 

Motorcycles, scooters and bicycles

Parking permits are not required for motorcycles, scooters or bicycles. Motorcycles and scooters must park in designated motorcycle bays or on footpaths, provided they are not parked in such a manner as to cause an obstruction to pedestrians. Bicycles should be parked in designated bicycle racks.

Pay By Phone at Deakin

PayByPhone is an easy convenient way to pay for parking. It alleviates the need to keep spare coins or stand in line at parking permit vending machines. You can manage your account on line to receive SMS alerts, receipts and other account details.

PayByPhone has apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry devices, all you have to do is download the free app to get started. See the Quicklinks for a link to the PayByPhone website where you can download the app, signup or find out further information.

The PayByPhone Parking app locations are:

  • Melbourne Burwood Campus - 10103 
    • Melbourne Burwood Campus Carpool Car Park - 10162
  • Geelong Waterfront Campus - 10157 
    • Geelong Waterfront Campus Carpool Car Park - 10165
  • Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus - 10153
  • Warrnambool Campus - 10156


Faculties and Divisions may purchase Orange Daily Scratch Permits for "official visitors and guests" from the Security and Transport Group, Campus Services Division. Orange Daily Scratch Permits cost $8.00 per permit and are sold in books of 20. Daily Scratch Permits are issued to Faculties and Divisions for official visitor and guest use ONLY.

Orange Daily Scratch Permits are valid for one day ONLY and are valid in the Orange and General Parking Permit Zones ONLY. Please ensure the correct day, month and year is scratched on the permit and the permit is displayed clearly on the dashboard of the vehicle.  Incorrectly scratched permits will be deemed invalid and a parking infringement notice may be issued.

Visitors can purchase hourly or daily general parking permits using the PayByPhone parking app or from parking permit vending machines located in car parks and/or entry roads.

All parking permit vending machines accept coins (excluding 5c and 50c pieces) or credit cards and do not give change. Alternatively, General Daily Scratch Permits can be purchased from Deakin Central for $6.00 per permit. Please take care to ensure the correct date is scratched on the permit and the permit is clearly displayed on the dashboard of the vehicle.  Incorrectly scratched permits will be deemed invalid and a parking infringement notice may be issued.

Daily reserve parking permits are available to visitors at the Burwood Campus from the Burwood Corporate Centre (building BC) for a flat fee of $20.00 per day. 

University events

Permission must be obtained to use Deakin roads or car parks for all events. Please email for further advice and requests.

Parking infringement notice

Have you received a parking infringement notice?

Parking Infringement Notices may be issued for any illegally parked vehicles.

A parking permit is not valid unless it is clearly displayed, except for permits purchased using the PayByPhone app, where Parking Officers will access your permit electronically.

Infringements may be issued for:

  • Parking permits not displayed
  • Parking permits not electronically purchased (PayByPhone)
  • Parking permits that are not clearly displayed (e.g. face down permits, permits obscured by other items)
  • Expired parking permits
  • Vehicles displaying parking permits that are not valid in the parking bay the vehicle is parked in
  • Vehicles parked in areas other than a marked parking bay

Instructions for paying infringements are noted on the reverse side on the Parking Infringement Notice.

The person issued with the parking infringement notice, or person acting on his or her behalf, may apply to have the decision to serve the parking infringement notice internally reviewed by the enforcement agency under the Act.

All requests for internal review must be in writing and sent to:

Deakin University Contesting
PO Box 577
Melton VIC 3337

Contact us

Parking and Traffic Co-ordinator

Campus Services Division
03 522 71011

Infringement notice review requests

Deakin University Contesting
PO Box 577
Melton VIC 3337

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