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Cycling to Deakin

Bike riding to each of the campuses is a great way to obtain your daily exercise, avoid car parking hassles and save money. Find specific campus related facilities via the links below or read on further for more information.

 Cycling facilities locations by campus

Quick facts

Did you know that three quarters of all personal journeys are less than 10 kilometres long? That's half an hour on a bike! Switching these short journeys from car to bicycle will benefit your health and your community. You'll be helping to reduce noise and air pollution as well as traffic congestion.
In Melbourne, the average speed of a commuting car is 19.7km/h. A bicyclist can comfortably average 17km/h, with many experienced bike riders traveling above 20km/h.
More bike riding is good news for the environment and your local community. But the biggest benefit is for you as an individual. Your strength, stamina, aerobic fitness and general muscle function will all be improved. Riding is a low impact activity and one of the safest ways to exercise without risk of over-exertion or strain to muscles and joints. Regular physical activity also facilitates other healthy behaviours, reduces stress and anxiety and could help you reduce weight or even give up smoking. For more information and links to other cycling related resources see the Cycling Promotion Fund link under the Quick Links.

Showers and change rooms

Showers and change room facilities can be found at all campuses, see the above links for specific locations.


The Deakin YMCA hires lockers to all staff and students to make bike riding an easier option. Please note that these lockers are available at Burwood, Geelong Waurn Ponds and Geelong Waterfront campuses for the storage of items such as bags, clothing, towels, books etc. Lockers can also be found in the Bike Hubs.

Bike hubs

Bike Hubs are secure bicycle facilities where you can store your bike during the day while at Uni. They are fully secured with access granted only via swipe card, plus there are CCTV security cameras on site 24/7. These are available at the Waurn Ponds Campus and include showers, lockers and a bike repair station with useful tools for puncture repair or other light maintenance.
Swipe Card Access can be requested via the Online Keys application in the Quick Links, selecting Vicki Cook as the Approver.

Bike cages

Bike cages are secure storage facilites located at Burwood, Waurn Ponds and Waterfront campuses.
Swipe Card Access can be requested via the Online Keys application in the Quick Links, selecting Vicki Cook as the Approver.

Bike racks

Bike racks are provided at various locations at all campuses to provide a secure anchor for you to lock your bike. These are open to all and therefore do not require any prior authorisation in order to use them.

Bike hire

Did you know that DUSA hires bikes to students and staff club members?

Interest free loans for bikes

Do you want to travel by bike to Deakin but finding the cost of purchasing a bicycle a barrier? Did you know that Student Financial Support provides interest free loans to students who are either in financial need or are progressing satisfactorily with their studies for transportation expenses?

Visit Student Financial Support for more information and read the conditions for an application under 'General student loans'.

DUSA also have a Transport Assistance service which can be found under the Quick Links.

RACV bike assist

RACV Bike Assist is designed to assist cyclists in the event that their bicycle cannot be ridden due to an accident, mechanical problem or puncture. You have the peace of mind in knowing that if we cannot fix the problem we will dispatch a taxi to transport yourself and your bicycle to your chosen destination. To purchase RACV Bike Assist call 13 RACV (13 72 28) or visit your nearest RACV Shop.


These are secure and free bike parking cages at train stations, so if you don't want to take your bike on the train but want to ride to the station, these bike cages provide a secure alternative than parking your bike along poles. Parking in a Parkiteer cage is free. Secure access is provided by a swipe card system and movements in and out of the cages are electronically monitored.

Train and bike

If you live near a train line, why not ride to the nearest station (or push yourself by riding to one further away), catch the train to either Box Hill or Jordanville Station and then ride along the Gardiner's Creek Trail to campus. Even if you are travelling to one of the regional campuses, consider taking your bike and cycling to either Waurn Ponds or Warrnambool. Bicycles on trains are free and it will save you time waiting for connecting buses.

To ensure a safe and comfortable journey on public transport, there some are rules that apply when carrying conventional and folding bikes:

  • You cannot board at the first door of the first carriage, as this is a priority area for mobility impaired passengers.
  • Make sure you keep passageways and doorways clear and try to avoid busy carriages when traveling with your bike.
  • If you are traveling on a metropolitan train with a folding bike you can board at any door.

TravelSmart maps for Burwood and Geelong

If you would like a map with a comprehensive list of on and off-road shared paths, bike lanes and roads grab a TravelSmart map. TravelSmart maps contain useful information such as:

  • Tram and bus routes with route numbers and descriptions
  • Train lines and stations
  • Updated information about bicycle racks, lockers, change rooms and showers
  • Local bicycle shops and cycling organisations
  • Cycling tips (for riding at night, at roundabouts, locking up and general traffic rules) have also been included
  • Tips for traveling with limited mobility and car sharing

Find a TravelSmart map in the following locations at the Melbourne Burwood Campus and Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus.

  • Shop4U
  • DUSA
  • Books4U
  • Library
  • Deakin Central
  • Deakin YMCA

Would you like to order maps for your school or division?

To order maps please use the "Requests TravelSmart Maps" link under the Quick Links and include the following in your email:

  • Campus for which you require the maps
  • Number of maps you require
  • Division
  • Contact Name, Phone number and email
  • Full delivery address

You can also call your local government for additional TravelSmart maps if you live outside of the Deakin boundary.

The Melbourne Burwood Campus and Geelong Campus TravelSmart map was developed by the Department of Transport and Deakin University to provide sustainable transport information on a pocket-sized street map. © State of Victoria 2010

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