Smoke-Free pledge

By pledging today, you will be agreeing to support Deakin's Smoke-Free policy. This will involve taking actions, such as, asking people to butt out on campus or even agreeing to quit smoking yourself. There is also the option to become a Smoke-Free Ambassador. You can be as involved as you wish to be. Your support will help to implement this new policy and make Deakin University a healthier place to be.

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I agree to
Create awareness of Deakin’s smoke-free environment *
Ask people to butt out on campus
Ask people to put their cigarette butts in the rubbish
Refer smokers to campus medical centres for support
Refrain from smoking on Deakin campuses
Reduce smoking
Quit smoking

Smoke-Free Ambassadors

We are looking for enthusiastic supporters of the Deakin Smoke-Free Policy to become ambassadors. What does this mean for you? We ask that ambassadors help out at events and Smoke-Free campaigns. You will wear a Deakin Smoke-Free t-shirt whilst at an event and help us to promote the Smoke-Free policy and get others to pledge their support as well. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please select "yes" below.

Would you like to become a Smoke-Free Ambassador?

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