Global Corporate Challenge

What is the Global Corporate Challenge?

The Global Corporate Challenge (GCC) is a health and wellbeing initiative.

The GCC is the world's largest corporate health initiative where staff engage in a virtual tour walk around the world for 14 weeks (100 days), whilst competing against other teams of staff at Deakin in a race to the finish line. The aim of the program is to increase staff's physical activity levels to the recommended 10,000 steps per day. Throughout the challenge staff visit the GCC website or mobile App and enter in their daily step count recorded on their pedometer, or personal device (i.e. Fitbit or Jawbone). The program aims to:

  • increase the amount of daily exercise
  • improve physical and mental health
  • enhance productivity
  • build a stronger culture of resilience for staff
  • create the opportunity to get involved in some 'healthy competition'

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Teams of seven receive a 3D accelerometer ( that uses motion sensing technology to accurately track their daily activity.

NEW in 2015! Participants can now use their own Fitbit or Jawbone device to sync with their GCC account if they choose.

For further information visit the Global Corporate Challenge website.

Deakin University and the GCC

The 2015 challenge at Deakin University has now commenced on 27 May. This year Deakin has 43 teams and 301 participants competing for the title.

All fixed term and continuing staff can participate in the challenge. The cost is $685.30 per team of 7, or just $97.90 each. If a Faculty, Area or Division wishes to sponsor and fund a team(s) involvement, approval will need to be sought by the team prior to registering. Other options for participation include partial funding between the area and individual staff, or individuals can pay for their participation themselves.

If you require any further information, please contact Katherine Lukic in the Human Resources Division on 68152.

In 2014, Deakin had 27 teams and 189 participants. View the final progress report.

The End of Event Presentation (PDF, 5.0 MB) was presented by the GCC on Friday 10 October.   View where your team came in the final leader board (XLSX, 15.2 KB) .

End of Event Certificate

How the GCC works

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Follow the Deakin GCC journey and progress report here

Health benefits

After completing the 2014 GCC, Deakin participants have reported the following benefits:

  • 90% rated their overall health as good, very good or excellent
  • 94% were more conscious of opportunities in their day to add more steps
  • 75% had a better understanding of what it takes to lead a healthier lifestyle
  • 79% would now describe their relationships within their team/work group as good or excellent
  • 60% reported a decrease in their stress levels at either home or work

Download helpful tips (328 KB) on increasing your activity levels throughout the GCC.

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