Online training


SmartMove is designed for students in years ten to twelve to make them a little more aware of what can happen in the workplace. It will give them a chance to learn about the potential dangers of the workplace but also their rights and responsibilities.

SmartMove is suitable for use by students and others new to the workplace.

Risk Assessments

Carrying out risk assessments are a fundamental part of an OHS Management System. Risk Assessments is a publicly available online training program on OHS Risk Assessments created by Leeds Council in the United Kingdom. Although it is based on British law the Victorian system is very similar.

OHS videos

The Library has a range of OHS videos (PDF, 27.9 KB) that can be used for refresher or awareness training at your team briefings. The videos cover general safety, office and computer safety, first aid, voice care, workplace stress, health and wellbeing, workplace bullying and violence, hygiene, chemical safety, plant safety, biological safety and general laboratory safety.


WorkCover NSW has produced an interactive multimedia internet site 'SafetyZone ' to help young people when they first go to work. Registration is not necessary unless you want a Certificate of Completion.

Young Workers Website

WorkCover NSW has produced an interactive internet site ' Young Workers Website ' to help young people address OHS issues in the workplace. No registration is necessary.

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