SafeZone is a free app for all Deakin University students and staff, that connects you directly to the Security team when you need help on campus.

The app makes it easier for you to contact Security and helps them to respond if you need assistance, by sending your name and location directly to the response team members.

By installing the SafeZone app (available on Apple and Android devices) and registering as a user, you will also receive any critical notifications from the University.

Deakin University encourages students and staff to register for SafeZone on their mobile device. The app for all Deakin University campuses and response from Security within the defined SafeZone coverage areas (see Maps of SafeZone boundaries (PDF, 367.2 KB) ) are free.

Deakin University's Security team monitors SafeZone 24 hours a day.

Downloading the SafeZone app

Download the free app directly from the SafeZone or click below for the Apple and Android links under Useful Links.

Registering for SafeZone

Please note that after downloading the SafeZone app, you must register for Deakin University's SafeZone or Security will not receive your alerts.

To register, click on the app icon after installing and select "Sign Up". Follow the prompts: you'll need to enter your Deakin University e-mail address, create a password and provide your name and mobile number.

Optionally, you can upload a face picture – this is helpful when the Security team receives your alert and needs to identify you.

An additional text field asks you to include other optional information that could help responders when they are coming to your assistance. This is a free text field - you can include your student or staff number, a medical condition, a sensory limitation such as blindness or deafness, or mobility limitation (e.g. you require wheelchair access). If you include this information, the officer responding to your call will know those details and be able to better plan the response.

Once you've submitted your registration form, you will receive an email from with a link that you must click to complete your registration. If you do not receive this email within a minute or two, check your spam folder.

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