Centre for Chemistry and Biotechnology (CCB)

The centre researches in two major areas of biotechnology and chemistry, which are linked by a desire to understand how molecules are made, how they can be utilised and how they work in complex biological systems.

Biotechnology is an important industry sector that covers molecular biology, human and animal health, pharmaceuticals, environment, agriculture, medical devices, nanotechnology and related sciences and manufacturing, together with the associated business, regulatory, and intellectual property skills.

Much of the research undertaken within the centre is underpinned by chemistry that has as its core the isolation, synthesis, processing and detection of compounds, especially those with biological activity. There is a strong link between chemistry and forensic sciences in research and innovation. Our research includes medicinal, supramolecular and natural product chemistry and applications of chemiluminescence as a qualitative and quantitative tool for the determination of pharmaceuticals, antioxidants in food, other biologically active molecules and explosives.

Key research areas

  • Plant molecular biology, physiology and plant pathology
  • Plant genetic engineering for novel protein synthesis
  • Functional foods including stabilisation and delivery systems
  • New enzymes and production methods for biofuels
  • Bioactive milk proteins and omega-3 fatty acids
  • Synthesis of small bioactive molecules and peptides, and expression of proteins
  • Supramolecular host:guest chemistry
  • Bio-nanotechnology and nanomaterials
  • Identification of antioxidants and other bioactive compounds in plants
  • Spectroscopy and chemistry of chemiluminescence reactions
  • Two dimensional liquid-chromatography and gas-chromatography
  • Rapid screening for illicit drugs and key biomolecules using microfluidic devices

Research groupings

Centre Director

Professor Colin Barrow
Phone: +61 3 5227 1318
Email: colin.barrow@deakin.edu.au

Higher Degree by Research opportunities within the Centre

The centre is always keen to hear from intelligent, progressive and creative potential research candidates who seek to develop specialist skills within areas covered by us. We encourage prospective candidates to develop their own projects within the centre's framework and to explore this with the Director.

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