Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology (CCMB)

The Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology was opened on the 26th February 1999.  The Faculty of Science, Engineering and Built Environment provided funds for the construction of laboratories, and the Faculty, together with the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, provided start-up funds to purchase equipment. The outcome is a highly functional research centre which provides research opportunities for honours and PhD students in programs of international standard. The Centre has attracted academic staff of a high calibre who are helping to lift the research and teaching profile of the Faculty and the University. The Centre also attracts international visitors and international research students. In 2010, CCMB became part of the University Special Research Centre, Molecular and Medical Research.

Vision for the Centre

CCMB will conduct research of the highest international standard in the area of molecular and cellular biology to solve both fundamental and practical problems relating to health and the environment. The Centre will provide an outstanding research environment for PhD students and will enrich the undergraduate teaching programs.

Contact us

Professor Leigh Ackland
Acting Director
Email: leigh.ackland@deakin.edu.au
Phone: +61 3 9251 7327

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