Marine, Freshwater and Aquaculture Sciences

Deakin University's Marine, Freshwater and Aquaculture Sciences (MFAS) brings together internationally- and nationally-renowned academics and researchers from three Deakin University campuses, and is supported by cutting edge technologies, state-of-the-art infrastructures and specialised equipment. MFAS focuses on a variety of aquatic research areas, from marine biology, aquatic wildlife and aquaculture to the ecology and management coastal marine, estuarine and freshwater ecosystems.

More about our group

MFAS is strategically located at the Warrnambool Campus, in the unique coastal environment of southwest Victoria on the Great Ocean Road.

We have research expertise in marine wildlife and conservation biology, behavioural and physiological marine ecology, biological oceanography, river and wetland restoration, ecotoxicology, aquaculture nutrition, health and reproduction, fish biology and physiology, geographic information systems and marine habitat mapping.

With a combination of globally-relevant research topics and locally-focused research activities, and funded by a multitude of research grant schemes, governmental agencies, public funding schemes, NGOs, philanthropic organisations and industry stakeholders, MFAS delivers world-class scientific outputs. These outputs directly influence the broader global scientific community and knowledge, but also support local and national industries and communities, improving their environmental and economic sustainability.

The research activities of MFAS also support, and are supported by, a series of high-quality, unique and tailored undergraduate and post-graduate teaching activities.

Contact us

Assoc Prof Giovanni Turchini
Group Facilitator
Phone: +61 3 556 33312

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