Mathbench for Australian Universities

Development and implementation of MathBench for Australian Universities to improve quantitative skills of science and mathematics students.

Office for Learning & Teaching (OLT) Innovation and Development (ID) Priority Project Grant - Innovative use of technology in learning and teaching

Project team

  • A/Prof Cenk Suphioglu (Project Leader), DU
  • Dr Shaun Belward, JCU
  • Dr Jo-Anne Chuck, UWS
  • Dr Prasad Chunduri, UQ
  • Dr Giovanna Di Trapani, GU
  • Ms Julie Markham, UWS
  • Dr Katerina Thompson, UMD
  • A/Prof Carmel Coady, UWS
  • A/Prof Yvonne Hodgson, MU
  • A/Prof Lesley Lluka, UQ
  • A/Prof Leon Poladian, USyd
  • A/Prof Dianne Watters, GU

Reference group members

  • A/Prof Dann Mallet, QUT
  • Dr Glennys O'Brien, UW
  • Prof Beverly Oliver, DU
  • A/Prof Stuart Palmer, DU
  • Prof Philip Poronnik, USyd
  • Prof John Rice, ACDS, USyd
  • A/Prof Pauline Ross, UWS
  • A/Prof Leanne Rylands, UWS

External evaluator

  • Dr Kelly Matthews, QS in Science, UQ

Project Manager

  • Mrs Vilma Simbag, DU and UQ


More information

Partner institutions

Deakin University      Griffith University    James Cook University    Monash University    University of Queensland    University of Sydney    University of Maryland      University of Western Sydney


There is international agreement that quantitative skills (QS), the ability to apply mathematical and statistical thinking and reasoning within a given external context, are an essential graduate competence in science. However, recent studies in Australia of science students' perceptions of their graduate learning outcomes reveal that while they acknowledge QS as important, they hold low levels of confidence in their QS, perceive QS will be of little future use to them, and report that QS are not emphasised in the science curricula. MathBench, a suite of online modules, has proved to be effective in improving QS among university students in USA. This project brings together an impressive team, from the cross-disciplinary areas of mathematics and science, to modify and implement MathBench as an innovative online resource to improve QS of science students at seven Australian universities, and evaluate and disseminate the findings by appropriate means, which form the overall aims of this project.

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Support for this project has been provided by the  Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching. The views in this project do not necessarily reflect the views of the Australian Government Office for Learning and Teaching.

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