Current PhD students and their projects

Student name Supervisor name Thesis title
Adam Cardilini  Craig Sherman Population connectivity and trait variation in an invasive species: implication for conservation and management
Adarsha Gupta  Colin Barrow Isolation and characterisation of marine thraustochytrid species capable of producing high levels of omega 3 fatty acids DHA and EPA
Aditya Ponkshe John Endler How does the variation in visual systems affect mate choice and dynamics of sexual selection.
Aimee Hauser Craig Sherman Determining the influence of human agriculture on patterns of connectivity and genetic structure in a threatened freshwater crayfish, Geocharax gracilis.
Alexander Rattray Daniel Ierodiaconou New approaches to predicting the distribution and dynamics of seafloor habitats
Amanda Peucker  Gerry Quinn Behavioural Responses of Australian Fur Seals to Boat-based Ecotourism
Amy Shaw Kelly Miller Public attitudes toward native suburban gardens and native suburban wildlife
Anand Khedkar Colin Barrow Development and Evolution of novel insulin analogues
Andrew Hoskins John Arnould Fine-scale habitat use by Australian fur seals (Arctocephalus pusillus doriferus)
Anna Moodie Andrew Bennett How does landscape mosaic burning influence fauna in Box-Ironbark forests?
Arjun Challagulla David Cahill Use of micro RNA and RNAi in the development of transgenes to control avian influenza
Avinesh Byreddy Colin Barrow Molecular engineering of lipases to improve selectivity and thermal stability for the hydrolysis of omega-3 fatty acids
Belinda Christie Kelly Miller Education for Sustainability: Practice, pedagogy and philosophy
Benjamin Long Fred Pfeffer Functionalised norbornane and [n] polynorbornanes as biologically relevant receptors
Bernadette Bostock  Laurie Laurenson Systematics and Biogeography of Three Widespread Australian Freshwater Fish Species
Beth Young John Arnould Factors Influencing Foraging Success In Fur Seals
Bianca Sfiligoj Julie Mondon Effects of heavy metals on Antarctic marine invertebrates and algae
Blake Allan Euan Ritchie Specialist versus generalist species: a comparative ecological study of common and mountain brushtail possums
Brendan Holland Xavier Conlan Novel sources of antibacterial agents to help address antibiotic resistance
Carol Austin David Cahill The ecology and phylogeny of epigeous macrofungi at Anglesea Heath
Cassandra Fleming Fred Pfeffer Microwave Assisted Synthesis of 1,3,4-Thiadiazoles and their Derivatives
Christine Connelly John White Investigating the impacts of urbanisation on eastern yellow robin populations
Christine Tyshing Maria Gibson The ecology of desert mosses in Victoria
Danielle Bassanese Xavier Conlan Multi-dimensional chromatography and multi-dimensional detection systems
Darren Hastie  Guang Shi Biogeographic implications of the Chondrichthyan faunas of South-eastern Australia
David Donaldson Paul Francis Detection of nitro-explosive compounds using derivatisation and tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) chemiluminescence
Dequan Sun David Cahill Application of mesoporous silica nanoparticles to plants
Dilip Singh Colin Barrow Discovery and development of oil producing microorganisms from Australian and Indian marine biodiversity
Dwan Price Cenk Suphioglu Molecular and immunological analysis of food allergens
Eleanor Dobson Colin Barrow Lipid Mediators of Inflammation
Eliza Larson Andy T.D. Bennett Nest site selection, heat stress and breeding success in cavity-nesting parrots
Elodie Camprasse Colin Barrow Energetics and timing of moult in little penguins
Emi Sherizan Ab Rahim Craig Sherman Genetic Diversity and Mating System in Australian Blue Mussel
Evelyn Chia Andrew Bennett Values of refuges for the conservation of mammals after wildfire
Gemma Cole John Endler Estimating the evolutionary link between food detection and mate choice
Geoffrey Gooley Giovanni Turchini Integrated aquaculture systems approach to multi water-use in irrigated agriculture
Grant Leeworthy Laurie Laurenson Advancing the sustainable management of benthic invertebrate fisheries in Australia
Harshali Anant Patil Colin Barrow Mutation Profiling of Colorectal Cancer for KRAS, BRAF, NRAS and PIK3CA genes in Indian Patient Cohort
Jacob Van Oosterom Julie Mondon Gene flow in East Antarctic echinoderms and resilience to climate change
James Emery Giovanni Turchini Optimizing the use of alternative feed ingredients in aquaculture diets
Jeffory Howard Peter Beech Structural analysis of a novel phospholipase in Phytophthora
John McEvoy Andy T.D. Bennett Movement ecology of arid zone waterfowl
John Patykowski Maria Gibson The role of rare plants in ecosystem function within the Central Highlands region of Victoria
Joseph Weston Craig Sherman Connectivity and Resilience of Temperate Reef Metacommunities
Julia Kent Craig Sherman Assessing population connectivity of fish species in Victoria and South Australia.
Justin Eastwood  Andy T.D. Bennett The ecology and evolution of beak and feather disease virus in Platycercus elegans
Justin Read  Cenk Suphioglu Beta secretase as a novel Alzheimer's disease intervention target
Kade Mills  Gerry Quinn Processes and patterns of colonisation of artificial reefs by fish
Kasun Ekanayake Mike Weston The potential of Little Raven (Corvus mellori) as predators of bird eggs
Kate Stevens Raylene Cooke Ecology and behaviour of the grey crowned babbler
Kiera Flynn Leigh Ackland Nanoelectrochemistry in living batteries. In vitro interrogation of metal ion fluxes in human brain cells using nano-electrodes
Kirsteen Smith Xavier Conlan Investigation of nocel carbon fibres sysnthesis and peptide interactions
Laetitia Herrmann Lambert Brau The role of the soil microbial communities in sustainable rubber tree
cultivation in North-Eastern Thailand
Laetitia Kernaleguen John Arnould Development of individual foraging strategies and their fitness consequences in fur seals
Lauren Angel John Arnould Physiological and behavioural determinants of performance in seabirds : The Australian gannet
Lee Hudek Leigh Ackland Aspects of the life history and reproduction of Galaxias Maculatus
Leena Johny David Cahill Induction and properties of anti-inflammatory compounds in mycorrhizal plants
Loveleen Kumar Leigh Ackland Function of zinc transporters in human cells
Luke Andrighetto Xavier Conlan Investigations into applied forensic chemistry
Madhura Shettigar David Cahill Bio transformation of lignin
Mahdi Ghafourian Boluri Mashhad  Daniel Ierodiaconou Application of remote sensing in land use change analysis for management of Corangamite shire
Manoj Mulakkapurath Narayanan Colin Barrow Microfluidic nucleic acid extraction technology
Margaret Morrice Alecia Bellgrove Foraging ecology of blue whales in the Bonney Upwelling region South Australia
Marian Weaving Raylene Cooke The response of nocturnal birds to a gradient of urbanization
Marije Liem-Weits Leigh Ackland Tumour microenvironment interactions in breast cancer and the role of caveolin-1
Mark Johnstone Fred Pfeffer Conformationally preorganised hosts for Anion recognition and Sensing
Mark Richardson  Craig Sherman Evolutionary biology of the invasive Northern Pacific seastar
Marta Ferenczi Marcel Klaassen Pathogen dynamics in bird communities and the ecology of infection
Martha Louise Gent Anne Wallis Social-ecological systems, adaptation and resilience in the coastal zone of South West Victoria
Maude Berlincourt John Arnould Resource partitioning and reproductive success in sympatric seabirds: the role of marine productivity and environment variability
Md Ahsanul Bari Leigh Ackland Lipid pathways in human neuronal cells and neurodegeneration.
Md Tohidul Islam David Cahill Exploration of the role of resistance-related genes in Zea Mays infected with phytophthora cinnamomi
Megan Underwood Marcel Klaassen Does size matter? Sex differences in white-faced storm petrels ecology
Meijuan Zhao Marcel Klaassen Health status of Greater White-fronted in China and elsewhere
Melissa Cameron John Donald Nitric oxide signalling in vertebrate blood vessels.
Michael Salini Giovanni Turchini Fatty acid metabolism in Atlantic salmon and barramundi
Michelle Bassett Andrew Bennett Refuges for native Australian mammals in fire prone landscapes
Milla Mihailova  Andy T.D. Bennett Chemical signals and mate choice of platycercus elegans
Mohammad Ali Jalali Daniel Ierodiaconou The application of GIS and remote sensing technologies for commercial fisheries management
Motilal Mathesh Shanmugam Wenrong Yang Functionalisation of carbon nanomaterials for biological and biomedical applications.
Natalie Debeljuh  Colin Barrow The design and characterisation of amyloid fibres
Natalie Sheppard  Mike Weston Foraging ecology and the impacts of spatially and temporally dynamic resources of an obligate beach-dwelling seabird
Nayyar Ahmed Cenk Suphioglu Characterisation of a novel IL-4 receptor antagonist for allergy treatment
Nisha Singh Munish Puri Development of a novel celluloytic system for hydrolysing renewable biomass
Noura Masseh Ellya Kka David Cahill Role of ascorbic acid in plant embryogenesis and seed production
Pathum Dhanapala Cenk Suphioglu Production and characterization of hypoallergenic chicken eggs
Patricia Corbett Julie Mondon Histopathological fish health index: a biomarker of pollution effect
Pavani Nadiminti  David Cahill Nanoparticle delivery of agricultural chemicals
Rebecca Waite Neil Barnett Instrumentation and applications of Tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)Ruthenium(II) Chemiluminescence of the piperazine-based compounds
Reece Pedler Andy T.D. Bennett Movements and ecology of the banded stilt (Cladorhynchus Iesucocephalus)
Reinu Abraham  Colin Barrow Molecular characterisation of cellulases for biofuel production
Richard Zavalas Daniel Ierodiaconou Investigating reef fish-habitat relationships using active remote sensing and video observation data
Rozaimi Che Hasan Daniel Ierodiaconou Effects of multibeam backscatter processing for benthic habitat classification
Ben (Ruben-Lee) Roennfeldt Paul Jones Iridoviruses of copepods: their identification, ecology and host histopathology
Rui Li Colin Barrow Responsive scaffolding to advanced stem cell transplantation therapy.
Ryan Robson Fred Pfeffer Light mediated control of fused polynorbornane cage dimensions
Sachin Rastogi David Cahill Development of Transgenic fungus for the bulk production of medicinally important polyphenols
Samuel Parry Stuart Linton Metabolism of xenobiotics by the malpighian tubules of insects
Sandeep Karbhari Sure Leigh Ackland Cyanobacterial Nanowires: Synthesis, Characterization and its Application
Sangmin Lee Guang Shi Middle Permian brachiopod faunas and biogeography of the Arctic Region
Sanjukta Chakrabarti Colin Barrow Functionality and Determination and Characterization of an Angiogenesis-Inhibiting Fusion Protein
Sarah Bradbury Kimberley James Resilience of Biota in Wetlands of Intermediate Salinity in Victoria
Sarah Maclagan Euan Ritchie Adapting to altered habitats: Southern brown bandicoot as a model
Chamika De Silva Cenk Suphioglu Cloning, expression and characterisation of novel chicken egg yolk allergens
Sera Blair Geoff Westcott Enhancing the role of community in threatened species conservation.
Seyed Mostafavi Paul Francis Multiplexed Electrochemiluminescence Detection
Shailendra Pratap Sonkar Colin Barrow Pathway cloning, assembly and heterologous expression study of omega-6 fatty acid / related intermediate metabolite inside Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Shane Hickey Fred Pfeffer Synthetic peptide hybrids as new antibiotics
Sharareh Heydari Kavkani David Cahill Transkingdom RNA Interference: Plant-derived siRNAs in mammalian cell lines.
Sharl Mintoff David Cahill Ultraviolet C induced resistance to plants pathogens in Arabidopsis thaliana
Shaun Davis Julie Mondon Effect of elevated salinity on fisheries relevant benthic marine invertebrates.
Shilpi Vajpai Leigh Ackland Heavy metal accumulation by fungi and gene expression studies of metal transporters and their roles in hyperaccumulation
Shivani Srivastava  David Cahill Elicitiation of plant mycorhhizal metabolites for anti-cancerous activity
Shivankar Agrawal Colin Barrow Micro propagation of some important endangered medicinal plants
Simeon Lisovski Marcel Klaassen Avian influenca host-pathogen dynamics
Simren Khosa Fred Pfeffer Norbornane based polymyxin mimics targeting bacterial LPS
Sreeparna Samanta Colin Barrow Studying fungal mediated biomolecular mechanism of Au and Ag nanoparticles synthesis
Steven Wickson Ty Matthews Life history of a leptocerid caddisfly in a drying environment
Stuart Brown Laurie Laurenson Ecohydrological impact of climate and land-cover change in western Victoria
Sushma Kalmodia Colin Barrow Fabrication of Mdm2 peptide conjugated Gold Nanoparticles for targeted therapy of Retinoblastoma
Taiwo Akanbi  Colin Barrow Investigating the selectivity of new and known lipases for omega-3 concentration and conversion
Tamilselvi Thyagarajan  Colin Barrow Fermentation of omega-3 and carotenoid producing micro-organisms
Taylor Hunt Paul Jones Improving fish stocking success for recreational fishing in Australia
Thomas Hurst Adam Pope Mangrove restoration in Westernport Bay
Tim Nalder Colin Barrow Novel marine-derived lipases and lipase-screening methods for the production of omega-3 concentrates
Timothy Walsh  Colin Barrow Enzymatic strategies for producing functional food ingredients pharmaceuticals and biofuels
Travis Knox John Arnould Foraging ecology of the male Australian fur seal
Travis Howson Gerry Quinn Fish assemblage response to experimental rehabilitation in the Glenelg River
Urvashi Bhati Colin Barrow Cell line engineering and bioassay development for therapeutic monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins
Victor Hurley John White Factors impacting on the breeding success of Peregrine Falcons in Victoria
Vidanelage Damitha De Mel Leigh Ackland Omega-3 fatty acids and zinc in neuronal cell homeostasis and survival
Wayne Koster Gerry Quinn Determinants of movement in freshwater fishes
William Burrage Peter Beech Characterisation of Legionella pneumophila CinB homologues in Dictyostelium discoideum
Yaara Aharon Rotman Marcel Klaassen Conservation management in the East Asian-Australian Flyway
Yang Zhang Guang Shi Evolution of shape and size of selected marine invertebrate faunas across the end-Permian mass extinction
Yann Yap Steve Cheung Deciphering molecular signalling cascade in rotenone-mediated neuronal death
Yiwen Fang Julian Mercer MRNA surveillance in human disease: molecular determinants of nonsense mediated MRNA decay
Zoe Robertson Laurie Laurenson The impact of metal contaminants on shark biology
Zoe Smith Paul Francis Manganese-based chemiluminescence reagents
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