School of Life and Environmental Sciences staff

Professor John Donald
Deputy Head of School

Associate Professor Jan West
Associate Head of School (Teaching and Learning)

Dr Xavier Conlan
Associate Head of School (Academic Programs and Student Experience)

Dr Lambert Brau
Associate Head of School (Development and International)

Associate Professor Giovanni Turchini
Associate Head of School (Research and Warrnambool)


Name Position
Prof Leigh Ackland Personal Chair
Prof Neil Barnett Personal Chair
Prof Colin Barrow Personal Chair
Prof Andy T.D. Bennett Chair in Life and Environmental Sciences
Prof David Cahill Associate Dean (Research)
Prof Don Driscoll Professor in Terrestrial Ecology
Prof John Endler Alfred Deakin Professor
Prof Graeme Hays Chair in Marine Science
Prof Marcel Klaassen Director, Centre for Integrative Ecology
Prof Julian Mercer Emeritus Professor
Prof Gerry Quinn Professor

Associate Professors

Name Position
Assoc Prof John Arnould Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Peter Beech Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Peter Biro Associate Professor in Behavioural Ecology
Assoc Prof Kate Buchanan Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Paul Francis Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Michelle Harvey Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Kieran Lim Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Cenk Suphioglu Associate Professor of Biomedical Science
Assoc Prof Laurie Laurenson Associate Professor
Assoc Prof Geoff Wescott Associate Professor
Assoc Prof John White Associate Professor

Senior Lecturers

Name Position
Dr Luis Afonso Senior Lecturer in Marine Sciences
Dr Alecia Bellgrove Senior Lecturer
Dr Steve Cheung Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science
Dr Raylene Cooke Senior Lecturer
Dr Bernhard Dichtl Senior Lecturer
Dr David Francis Senior Lecturer in Aquaculture Nutrition
Dr Maria Gibson Senior Lecturer
Dr Daniel Ierodiaconou Senior Lecturer in Aquatic Spatial
Dr Kimberley James Senior Lecturer
Dr Paul Jones Senior Lecturer
Dr Sharon La Fontaine Senior Lecturer
Dr Rebecca Lester Senior Lecturer
Dr Stuart Linton Senior Lecturer
Dr Ty Matthews Senior Lecturer
Dr Janine McBurnie Senior Lecturer
Dr Kelly Miller Senior Lecturer
Dr Julie Mondon Senior Lecturer
Dr Morley Muralitharan Senior Lecturer
Dr Emily Nicholson Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Ecology
Dr Frederick Pfeffer Senior Lecturer
Dr Euan Ritchie Senior Lecturer
Dr Craig Sherman Senior Lecturer
Dr Matt Symonds Senior Lecturer in Ecology
Dr Anneke Veenstra Senior Lecturer
Dr Anne Wallis Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Warne Senior Lecturer
Dr Michael Weston Senior Lecturer


Name Position
Dr BriAnne Addison Lecturer in Ecology and Research Fellow
Dr Belinda Appleton Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Miss Melissa Cameron Associate Lecturer of Physiology
Dr Damien Callahan Lecturer in Chemistry
Ms Patricia Corbett Lecturer in Aquatic Ecology
Dr Michael Cater Lecturer in Molecular Genetics
Dr Kerry Fanson Lecturer in Zoology
Miss Jillian Healy Teaching Scholar, Biomedical Science
Mr Alan Mainwaring Associate Lecturer
Dr Tim Jessop Lecturer in Physiology
Dr Adam Pope Lecturer in Marine Science
Dr Jim Rookes Lecturer in Biological Sciences
Dr Angel Torriero Teaching Scholar, Chemistry
Dr Trevor Thornton Lecturer
Dr Sanja Van Huet Lecturer
Dr Liz Weldon Lecturer in Earth Sciences
Dr Patricia Wevill Teaching Scholar, Environmental Science
Dr Desley Whisson Lecturer

Research Fellows

Name Position
Dr Jacqui Adcock ARC DECRA Research Fellow
Dr Dominic Agyei Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mr Taiwo Akanbi Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Trent Ashton Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Jan Barton Research Academic
Dr Alastair Baylis Associate Research Fellow in Marine Science
Dr Christa Beckmann Research Fellow
Dr Mathew Berg Research Fellow in Avian Sensory Ecology
Miss Gemma Cole Associate Research Fellow
Dr Andrea Crino Research Fellow
Dr Shaun Cunningham Research Fellow
Dr Celine Deffrasnes ARC DECRA Fellow
Dr Delphine Denoyer Associate Research Fellow
Dr Egan Doeven Associate Research Fellow
Mr Tim Doherty Associate Research Fellow
Dr Benjamin Fanson Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Mr Brendan Holland Associate Research Fellow
Dr Luke Henderson Senior Research Fellow in Materials Chemistry
Dr Alastair Hirst Research Fellow
Dr Greg Holland Research Fellow
Dr Bethany Hoye (Maternity Leave) Research Fellow (Grade 2)
Dr Hashmath Hussain Associate Research Fellow
Dr Ben Knott Research Fellow in Avian Vision (Grade 2)
Ms Xandy Kranz Associate Research Fellow
Dr Patricia Lee Senior Associate Research Fellow in Marine Science
Dr Sangmin Lee Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Ms Tara Lewis Associate Research Fellow
Dr Roxana Llanos Research Fellow
Mr Mao Luo Research Fellow
Dr Peter Macreadie Honorary Fellow
Dr Mylene Mariette Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Adam Miller Research Fellow
Dr Nicholas Porch ARC DECRA Fellow
Dr Munish Puri Senior Research Fellow
Dr Raoul Ribot Research Fellow
Mr Mark Richardson Associate Research Fellow
Dr Lee Ann Rollins ARC DECRA Fellow
Dr Alexandre Schimel Research Fellow (Grade 2)
Dr Gail Schofield Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Aaron Schultz Research Fellow (Biomedical/Biological Science)
Miss Zoe Smith Associate Research Fellow
Dr Paul Stevenson Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Philip Taylor Research Fellow (Grade 2)
Dr Beata Ujvari Senior Research Fellow
Dr Neal Williams Research Fellow
Dr Alexander Wilson Alfred Deakin Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Kamil Wolyniec Associate Research Fellow
Dr Wenrong Yang Senior Research Fellow (Biotechnology/Chemistry)
Ms Mary Young Research Fellow

Administration staff

Name Position
Mrs Heather Andrews Professional Practice Placements Coordinator
Miss Natalie Debeljuh Personal Assistant to Prof Colin Barrow
Ms Gail Fazakerley Administrative Officer
Ms Natalie Gallagher Administration Officer
Ms Laura Harman Finance Officer
Ms Jimena Harrington Administrative Officer
Ms Natasha Kaukov Project Officer
Ms Claire Maginness Administration Officer
Ms Georgina Power Senior School Administrator
Ms Rachel Shanahan (Maternity Leave) Personal Assistant to Prof Colin Barrow
Mrs Vilma Simbag Project Manager
Ms Trina Viccars Project Officer

Technical staff

Name Position
Mr Jarrad Altimari Technical Officer
Ms Maria Amodio Technical Services Coordinator
Ms Liz Ankers Technical Officer
Ms Rachel Becker (Maternity Leave)  Technical Officer
Ms Jessica Bywater Technical Officer
Mr Andrew Cerasuolo General Casual (IT and Technical Support)
Ms Sarah Chandley        Technical Services Manager
Mr Bob Collins Technical Manager Aquarium
Dr Dave Donaldson Technical Officer
Dr Tara Draper Technical Officer
Ms Mahala Ebery Technical Officer
Ms Leanne Fitton Technical Officer
Ms Jules Frederiksen Technical Officer
Ms Rebecca Gray Technical Officer
Ms Jessica Gibbons Senior Technical Officer
Dr Michelle Herpich Laboratory Coordinator
Ms Kate Hill Laboratory Coordinator
Mr Michael Holmes Technical Services Manager
Ms Jane Hosking Technical Officer
Mr Cuong Huynh Senior Technical Officer
Mr Higo Jasser Senior Technical Officer
Ms Brittney Jenkins Technical Officer
Mr Alex Kehridakis Technical Officer
Ms Loveleen Kumar Senior Technical Officer
Dr Stella Loke Senior Technical Officer
Mr Leon Meggs Laboratory Coordinator
Mr David Mills Technical Services Manager
Ms Linda Moon Senior Technical Officer
Mr Sam Parry Technical Officer
Ms Sharon Rowe Technical Officer
Mr Timothy Sanders Technical Services Coordinator
Ms Jessica Saw Senior Technical Officer
Ms Clorinda Schofield Technical Services Coordinator
Mrs Kate Sherwell (Maternity Leave) Senior Technical Officer
Dr Bernadette Sinclair Senior Technical Officer
Ms Priti Singh (Maternity Leave) Fish Research Technician
Dr Teo Slezak (on secondment) Technical Officer
Mr Thomas Schneider Technical Officer
Mr Paul Tinkler Senior Marine Technical Officer
Mr Khanh Tran Senior Technical Officer
Mr Julian Vreugdenburg Technical Services Coordinator
Ms Dallas Windmill Senior Technical Officer
Ms Celine (Caryal) Yap Technical Assistant
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