Deakin University aims to offer one of the world's premier optometry programs, providing a means for positive change for the community and the industry that serves it.

Our mission is to produce graduates that:

  • will improve the eye health of Australians particularly Indigenous Australians and those living in regional areas
  • practise with respect to the social, legal and ethical responsibilities of optometrists
  • are highly sought-after and work-ready with high standards of clinical competence
  • have the knowledge, skills and attitudes to operate effectively in a competitive commercial environment
  • are grounded in scientific and evidence-based principles underlying optometric practice
  • have developed enduring behaviours for continuous self-directed learning and professional development.
  • are innovative and play a major role in the leadership of the profession


Core commitments

Optometry, as part of Deakin University has identified six core commitments that shape its distinctive position in higher education in Australia. These are:

  • Rural and regional engagement
  • Continuing education and life-long learning
  • Equity and access for individuals and groups who might not otherwise enjoy the benefits that flow from participation in higher education
  • Research that makes a difference
  • Contemporary and flexible teaching programs
  • An international outlook.



Our values are:

  • Excellence - Deakin is committed to the pursuit of excellence in all its activities.
  • Academic freedom - Deakin encourages staff and students to engage in the open exchange of ideas.
  • Collegiality - Deakin is an institution in which staff and students are seriously engaged in the life of the University and united by common values and mutual respect.
  • Continuous improvement - Deakin strives to continually improve the efficiency and the effectiveness of all its activities, ensuring that it is both responsive to academic needs and strategically focused.
  • Ethical behaviour - Deakin is committed to ethical, honest and courteous behaviour in all its activities.
  • Accountability - Deakin recognises that transparency and formal accountability structures facilitate devolved decision-making and enable the University to acquit its obligations as a custodian of public funding.
  • Environmental responsibility - Deakin is committed to improving its policies and actions regarding the environment.
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