Molecular Medicine Research Facility

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This group focuses on research into the molecular basis of health and disease, leading to the translation of this knowledge base into novel strategies for maintaining health and new targets for rational therapeutic development for the treatment of disease. Research spans basic gene discovery and molecular analysis, through functional genomics and pre-clinical development to the testing of new therapeutics, underpinned by powerful and relevant experimental platforms. Key areas of research strength are: immunity, infectious diseases, developmental biology, molecular physiology, cancer and nanomedicine.

Research Groups

Prof Alister Ward - Cytokine signalling in immunity, development and cancer
Prof Wei Duan - Cancer nanomedicine
Prof Johnson Mak - HIV and emerging viruses
Dr Tania de Koning-Ward - Malaria biology
Dr Laura Gray
- Molecular neurobiology
Dr Paul Lewandowski - Molecular nutrition
Dr Janet McLeod - Appetite regulation
Dr Daniel McCulloch - ADAMTS metalloproteinases in physiology and disease
Dr John Stambas - Viral immunology
Dr Melanie Thomson - Bacterial pathogenesis

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