Academic regalia

Academic regalia is worn by graduating students at all levels, and alters in style according to the level of degree and the discipline from which you have graduated. Academic attire includes a gown, trencher (mortarboard) and hood in the colour relevant to your discipline.

Many people like to own their own academic regalia if they are working in the academic field, or in a school or organisation where academic attire is required for official ceremonies. Alternatively you might like to purchase your very own set of academic regalia (subject to eligibility) as a treasured memento of your academic achievement.

Those wishing to purchase academic regalia should download the order form which is relevant to you. Regalia can be posted overseas and is delivered to you via Registered Mail, so you can be sure it will arrive safely. Note that each item of regalia is made specifically to your requirements, so in most cases several weeks should be allowed for delivery.

Order form for those living within Australia word icon

Order form for those living overseas word icon

For more information on graduation ceremonies and academic regalia (including hire) visit graduations

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