Dr. Kim Vincs

Studio Director

Technologies such as motion capture and 3D stereo environments offer exciting new possibilities for studying, enhancing and transforming dance practice.  Kim Vincs is a choreographer and interactive dance artist who develops new ways of investigating and creating dance using digital technology.  

Her collaborations integrate scientific and artistic approaches. She is currently working on 'Capturing Dance: using motion capture to enhance the creation of innovative Australian dance', a three year project, supported by the Australian Research Council's Discovery program (DP0987101), which aims to identify choreographic movement signatures using motion capture, in collaboration with Mathematician Vicky Mak (Deakin University) and Biomechanist Richard Smith (University of Sydney).  She also collaborates with cognitive psychologists Kate Stevens (MARCS Auditory Laboratory, University of Western Sydney) and Emery Schubert (University of New South Wales) investigating choreographic structures and audience response.

Most recently, she has led a series of projects developing new ways of using motion capture and 3D stereo projection to enhance the spatial impact of live dance performance. Works include 'The Silk Road Project' in 2007 (with Matthew Delbridge, QUT), 'Aura', 2009 (with interactive artist John McCormick), and, to premiere in December 2010, 'Choreotopography' in collaboration with John McCormick, Daniel Skovli, Peter Divers, Rob Vincs, Deakin University's Centre for Memory, Imagination and Invention and the Melbourne Ballet Company.

Kim is an Associate Professor in Dance and Motion Capture at Deakin University, and directs the Deakin Motion.Lab, Deakin University's motion capture studio and research centre.She teaches dance, motion capture and interactive performance at Deakin University, and was awarded two Australian Learning and Teaching Council awards, a National Teaching Award for the Arts and Humanities and a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning, for her curriculum development in dance and motion capture.