Daniela Bertol

Research Artist and PhD candidate

 Italian born artist, author, designer and yoga teacher Daniela Bertol has been publishing and creating art relating to science and trans-disciplinary content for several decades, leading to projects integrating science, art, philosophy and architecture; her vision is expressed in the experiential garden Sun Farm, located in the Hudson Valley (USA).

As a designer Daniela uses digital technologies throughout all the process, starting from genetic algorithms in the design phase to Rapid Prototyping in fabrication. She has published several essays, articles and three books on art and science in digital design: Visualizing with CAD (Springer Verlag, 1994), Designing Digital Space (John Wiley & Sons, 1996) spacetecture (Amazon kindle 2011).

In the past four years Daniela has discovered that the thread weaving the often divergent themes of her work was the research on form, which she has exploring at different scales with several methodologies and media —from art in nature to wearable art, performative actions and video installations. The first output of her research on form was the book Form Geometry Structure (Bentley Institute Press, 2011), introducing a scientific framework in the investigations on forms in nature and design, from their geometric definition to their structural potential. 

Human movement is the current theme in the exploration of forms and Daniela has currently relocated to Australia from her current home in New York, to pursue research at Deakin University on:

Her research will mark a departure from Rudolf Laban's theories and practice of movement in the use of contemporary technologies to scientifically track, measure, record and analyze the human movement as a configuration in space-time relating to our mental activity.

More information on Daniela's projects can be found in her website and some biographical notes in the interviews Art + Place = (Space + Time) of Existence and  Farming the Sun