Daniel Skovli

Studio Coordinator

Daniel studied traditional and 3D animation for four years, the last two of which being with Deakin University. During his last year of studies he held an internship and a casual employment contract with the Motion.Lab and became more and more involved in the daily operation of the facilities.

In April 2008, a few weeks after he graduated with Distinction as a Bachelor of Arts from Deakin University, he commenced his full-time and ongoing employment with the Motion.Lab as the Studio Coordinator. In addition to this role, Daniel's 3D design art work have been key to the stereo environments in the Aura and Choreotopography performance works.

Daniel's primary roles in the Motion.Lab team are to build and maintain pipeline, act as motion capture supervisor and lead animator on commercial projects, and maintain and manage the stage and hardware.

You can find a selection of Daniel's work on his personal website: