research projects

The Silk Road Project

The Veil of MAYA: Dance and embodiment in the age of motion capture (2007)

The Silk Road Project, performed in December 2007 at the Deakin Motion.Lab, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia, created a real-time dance performance environment that transmitted motion capture data in real time to two different motion graphics output platforms; Motion Builder and Isadora. Choreographer Kim Vincs and Motion Capture Director and Scenographer Matthew Delbridge worked with dancer, Carlee Mellow, musicians Rob Vincs, Scott Dunbabin and Eugene Ughetti and to create a virtual visual and aural landscape in which traces of the performer's movement were rendered in fine detail using the precision of the motion capture system and projected onto translucent screens.

The motion capture pipeline was created in collaboration with Melbourne interactive artists and technology designers Ross Benicino, of Audiomulch, and Pete Brundle, of Nicedevice, and with Mark Coniglio of Troika Ranch, creatorof the Isadora software, during Troika Ranch's residency at the Deakin Motion.Lab in 2007. Visual imagery was created by Kim Vincs in Motion Builder and Isadora, in collaboration with visual artists Daniel Skovli, Ed Culling, She Bee Thao and Cassie Williams.