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R-Research: Guest presentation by Scott Delahunta and Wayne McGregor

The Deakin Motion.Lab was excited to have Scott deLahunta and Wayne McGregor from Wayne McGregor I Random Dance visit in late July 2009. 

Scott deLahunta is the director of R-Research, the research arm of Wayne McGregor|Random Dance based in London. McGregor is a multi-award winning, world renowned contemporary dance choreographer, and along with directing his own company, is also resident choreographer at The Royal Ballet in London.

Together with Deakin Motion.Lab's Kim Vincs, deLahunta and McGregor gave a public presentation of their research, their philosophies, and the future of dance and technology, focussing specifically on the use of motion capture.  These discussions are available for view online here

The evenings presentations have been broken into four videos:

1. Kim Vincs discussing her research, including The Silk Road Project and Capturing Dance;

2. Kim Vincs in discussion with Scott deLahunta about the use of motion capture in dance research;

3 & 4. Scott deLahunta and Wayne McGregor discussing the research conducted by McGregor|Random Dance and the purpose of dance/technology research.

Scott deLahunta's visit was supported by the British Council, the Australian Research Council Discovery Program (DP0987101). Thanks also to Random Dance, to  R-Research Seminar co-presenter  Dancehouse and to the Australian Ballet who supported Wayne McGregor's visit to Australia.