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Artists in Residence: Ruth Gibson and Bruno Martelli

UK artists Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli were in residence at Deakin Motion.Lab July 26 - August 10 2012 as a part of the international reference group for Motion.Lab's ARC Discovery Project Building Innovative Capacity in Australian Dance, and to work together on Ruth Gibson's Creative Fellowship project at Coventry University, UK, on the poetics of motion capture data and visualization. 

As igloo ( they have collaborated with Deakin Research Artist John McCormick on numerous projects including the SwanQuake series (

Ruth's motion capture experience spans seventeen years as a motion capture model, performer and supervisor for high-end companies including BBC, Vicon, Motek, Televirtual and Animazoo. In 2010 after an invitation to facilitate workshops at Critical Path & UTS in Sydney she came to motion.lab for the first time on a Lisa Ullmann Scholarship. She returns to continue her dance research with Bruno Martelli, Kim Vincs and the motion.lab team.

Capturing Stillness: Visualisations of Dance through Motion Capture Technologies is a unique research project which focusses on Skinner Releasing Technique (SRT) - a pioneering approach to dance devised by Joan Skinner. ( )

The study forms the basis of Ruth Gibson's Creative Fellowship at Coventry University's School of Art and Design (Arts & Humanities Research Council Award). She is working with visual artists, dancers, and programmers experienced in their fields to question the relationships that arise between the poetic imagery cited in the pedagogy aligned with motion analysis, visualisation techniques and digital technologies & how these findings in combination with SRT principles can permeate the development of kinaesthetic Human Computer Interfaces for mobile devices and large scale projected realtime 3D environments.