Deakin course coordinator kayaks to work

1 December 2009

Some people walk or ride their bikes, some use public transport and all too many use their own cars.

But a course co-ordinator at the Warrnambool Campus of Deakin University has his own unique way of getting to and from work – kayaking.

Every day, weather permitting, Matt Ebden eases his kayak into the Hopkins River and travels three kilometres upstream to the Campus.

Matt has been using the method of transportation for two years without a mishap. “I bring a change of clothing and a laptop in a protective bag but I’ve never fallen out on the way to or from work,” he said.

The Bachelor of Health Sciences course coordinator has been at the Campus for two years and was attracted in part by the lifestyle and environmental opportunities offered in Warrnambool.

“I’ve taken up surfing, whaleboat rowing and kayaking since I’ve been here in Warrnambool,” he said.

Matt’s trusty TK1 kayak gets him from home to work in about 20 minutes.”It’s pretty quick. If I walked it would take 40 to 50 minutes,” he said. “It’s great to have the contact with nature and the physical exercise.

“I try to use it most days, depending on the weather. It’s great to get into work feeling refreshed and then after a busy day it’s a nice way to unwind,” he added.

News facts
  • Kayaking a refreshing way to get to work
  • Combines contact with nature and physical exercise
  • Warrnambool's lifestyle and environment opportunities attractive

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4th December 2009