One in eight Australian IPs are exposed to web threats every day, reveals study

11 July 2013

One in approximately eight Australian IPs are exposed to one or more web threats on any typical day, researchers from Deakin University and Trend Micro have revealed. In a report released today by the Australian Research Council (ARC) Linkage Project, the researchers analysed malicious activity from over 200,000,000 web requests per day from Australia, with around 400,000 of these issued to malicious web pages.

The report, Analysis of the Australian Web Threat Landscape, analyses and discusses threats on the Australian web landscape and provides statistics on what is happening to the average Australian user of the world wide web.

Within the sample processed for this report, approximately one in every 2,500 web hits originating from Australia is malicious in nature, resulting in Australian users being victim to three per cent of the world web threat attacks.

The report showed that peak periods of website traffic occurred on weekdays during work hours but the curve of malicious traffic reversely vibrates along with the volume changes of web hits.

Just above half (57 per cent) of malicious traffic was triggered by business product users whilst consumer product users accounted for over a third (41 per cent).

“The ARC Linkage project allows us to apply large scale analytics techniques to analyse massive volumes of Trend Micro malware sensor data," said Professor Yang Xiang, PhD, SMIEEE Director, Network Security and Computing Lab School of Information Technology, Deakin University. “Though Australia is geographically isolated in the Southern Hemisphere, it is attracting a significant volume of web threats."

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News facts
  • ARC Linkage Project report by Deakin University and Trend Micro finds 400,000 requests to malicious web pages on a typical day
  • For the first stage of the project researchers analysed malicious activity from more than 200,000,000 web requests per day from Australia
  • Results show that Australia is not immune to malicious web attacks

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11th July 2013