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Deakin researcher sets out to transform volatile building industry
1 February 2010

MoU between Deakin University and Indian Oil
19 January 2010

ENTER scores rise despite Deakin increasing the number of offers it has made
18 January 2010

Deakin University rides high on student preferences
23 December 2009

The Alfred Felton Chair of General Practice to assist Deakin University to address the shortage of GPs
11 December 2009

Professor Sally Walker to conclude as Vice-Chancellor of Deakin University in mid-2010
10 December 2009

Entrepreneurs urged to confront climate change
8 December 2009

New powdery future for wool and silk
7 December 2009

Better consultation could have reduced desalination conflict
4 December 2009

Women On Farm forum
1 December 2009

Deakin course coordinator kayaks to work
1 December 2009

Aussies urged to walk more, use car less
30 November 2009

Local students taste tertiary life at Warrnambool Campus
23 November 2009

Deakin researchers develop estuary health index
23 November 2009

Giving health a sporting chance
20 November 2009

Investors’ failure to believe in efficient markets led to financial crisis
20 November 2009

Investors looking for certainty contributed to GFC
17 November 2009

High salt diets could be jeopardising children’s health
16 November 2009

Participants needed for trial of new heart health program
16 November 2009

RAMSI, six years on, call for independent review
12 November 2009

World-first study into diabetes during pregnancy
10 November 2009

One-stop support for grieving people
9 November 2009

From rust bucket cities to cultural capitals
9 November 2009

Winners of nursing and midwifery awards announced
9 November 2009

Deakin University announces Tertiary Partnerships Strategy
9 November 2009

Company audit to move to new gold standard based on beliefs
8 November 2009

Leading Deakin academics appointed to Personal Chairs
6 November 2009

3D projection captures new dance possibilities
5 November 2009

More students put Deakin first
4 November 2009

Professional nomads leave lasting legacy for rural areas
28 October 2009

Deakin’s new associate degree on Dandenong’s doorstep
27 October 2009

Study finds young kids spend almost all their time sitting around
26 October 2009

Deakin forum to consider 21st century education options
26 October 2009

Democracy on the menu at breakfast
23 October 2009

Deakin wins Victorian Export Award for Education
22 October 2009

Declining bird numbers in TV spotlight
22 October 2009

Winner of Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award announced
22 October 2009

Seminar to help farmers manage change
21 October 2009

Forum to consider future of Hopkins River estuary
20 October 2009

Community program proves that childhood obesity can be reversed
16 October 2009

Federal Government awards Deakin $5million to upgrade student facilities in Geelong
16 October 2009

A Melbourne landmark finally tells its story
14 October 2009

Deakin University lecturers scoop national teaching honours
12 October 2009

Deakin leads the way in India with research initiative
9 October 2009

Deakin’s new associate degree on North West Victoria’s doorstep
7 October 2009

Minister calls on Australians to grasp opportunities to innovate
1 October 2009

Tall Poppy Award for Deakin marine scientist
29 September 2009

Deakin MBAs receive five star stamp of approval
22 September 2009

Applied learning on show at Deakin
21 September 2009

Accountants, auditors and directors called to account for inflation
21 September 2009

Students imagine the family home of 2050
18 September 2009

Size matters when it comes to children’s food choices
16 September 2009

Deakin literature expert awarded prestigious international prize
15 September 2009

Sunny days take risk out of investors' decisions
15 September 2009

Shocking managers may hold key to why top workers leave
14 September 2009

Deakin researchers make the extra small, extra strong
14 September 2009

Oil contracts key to predicting price of gold
10 September 2009

Deakin University statement regarding Mahindra Satyam decision
10 September 2009

New research centre to tackle the growing health issues in the Pacific region
10 September 2009

Windscreen view of water choices
8 September 2009

Future generations first in environment trade off
2 September 2009

Maternity leave and child care key to women’s return to work
1 September 2009

Deakin graduates Indian students in India
31 August 2009

Centre aspires to excellence in Asian language education
28 August 2009

Transparency and innovation key to evolution of government business - AG
28 August 2009

Deakin’s new associate degree on Gippsland’s doorstep
27 August 2009

Workshop weighs economic costs and benefits of wellbeing and mental health
24 August 2009

Researchers find banning junk food ads the most cost-effective way to reduce child obesity
13 August 2009

Lecturers take out national teaching citations
9 August 2009

Deakin University refutes land transfer claims
5 August 2009

Dance project captures expert attention
28 July 2009

Deakin students global winners in online marketing
24 July 2009

$16million Federal Government funding boost for Deakin Medical School’s rural teaching program
23 July 2009

Rio Tinto repeating Foster’s cultural mistakes in China
16 July 2009

Deakin researchers get a grip on virtual ‘sense of touch’ technology
15 July 2009

Launch of Centre to improve health and wellbeing of farming communities
10 July 2009

Soccer holds key to wealth and influence
9 July 2009

Trial of new treatments for young people battling mental illness
8 July 2009

Australia is not prepared for the ethical challenges of health care disasters
6 July 2009

Deakin research on show to international diplomats
6 July 2009

Course to help companies under pressure from financial crime
6 July 2009

Visions of Utopia wins international photographic prize
6 July 2009

State-wide study to investigate rural law disadvantage
3 July 2009

Workshops help carers cope with eating disorders, Deakin University researchers find
3 July 2009

Youth violence can be reduced through community investment
1 July 2009

Governance and audit key to good Fair Value Accounting
30 June 2009

Deakin University research maps the physical demands of firefighting
30 June 2009

Deakin research could make KERS an option for standard road cars
25 June 2009

Australian Laureate Fellowship for Professor Peter Hodgson confirms Deakin’s growth as a research university
22 June 2009

An Achilles heel in malaria offers new therapy hope
18 June 2009

Deakin University leads project to meet rural teacher shortage with national curriculum project
16 June 2009

Deakin University appoints new Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
15 June 2009

New life for old wool store - the Visions of Utopia art exhibit
12 June 2009

Deakin steps closer to new associate degree for rural and regional Victoria
12 June 2009

Deakin University’s refurbished Dennys Lascelles Building opened in Geelong
10 June 2009

Quest to prove Australia–Siberia fossil connection
9 June 2009

Former Deakin University Professors honoured
9 June 2009

People power the way to environmental change
4 June 2009

Recent acquisitions go on display at Deakin University Art Gallery
4 June 2009

Deakin calls for community comment on Master Plan review
4 June 2009

Revealing the secret night life of owls
4 June 2009

Vice-Chancellor reassures Deakin University's Indian students
3 June 2009

Local knowledge the key to successful advertising in China
1 June 2009

Reducing port delays, not tariffs boosts trade performance
26 May 2009

National leadership needed on coastal climate change
21 May 2009

New direction needed for obesity research, Deakin health expert claims
21 May 2009

Deakin Medical School celebrates first anniversary
19 May 2009

Eminent Indian diplomat visits Deakin
18 May 2009

Deakin works to move clouds into the computing mainstream
13 May 2009

Higher education budget appropriate to the times
13 May 2009

Deakin University research finds over eating alone explains the obesity epidemic in the United States
12 May 2009

Deakin expertise helps plan for Geelong’s future
5 May 2009

Family businesses act to recession-proof the economy, list shows
5 May 2009

Alcohol researchers should reject Drinkwise funding
4 May 2009

Regional and rural accounting firms face staff shortage
1 May 2009

Saturated arts market should look to McDonald's for lead
30 April 2009

Deakin Medical School appoints director for western Victoria’s Centre for Rural Emergency Medicine
27 April 2009

Side-by-side they fought and now new memorials remember them
23 April 2009

Scientists discover some of Australia’s oldest prehistoric bacteria
23 April 2009

Criminal Cartel bill gets green light from Senate Committee
21 April 2009

More transparency in global financial system not always a good thing
21 April 2009

Teaching with Twitter
21 April 2009

Teaching with Twitter
21 April 2009

Workshop puts focus on the economic issues facing world economy
16 April 2009

Deja vu? 200 years on, regulators still can’t control corporate badboys
7 April 2009

London influence for construction at Deakin
6 April 2009

London influence for construction at Deakin
6 April 2009

Deakin study to examine doctor-nurse communication
2 April 2009

Prison visits put ethics top of mind for students
1 April 2009

World War II wreck revealed
1 April 2009

When it comes to omega 3, not any oil will do
30 March 2009

Deakin University an Employer of Choice
27 March 2009

The Marngrook Footy Show broadcasts from Deakin University
27 March 2009

Hopping Mice may hold key to appetite regulation
24 March 2009

Policy fails fishing communities and sharks
17 March 2009

Classroom of the future for tomorrow’s teachers
16 March 2009

After the tsunami, Deakin University trained teachers will help to rebuild Aceh
13 March 2009

Research lifts veil on the secrets behind the ultimate artistic sin of selling out
12 March 2009

Fast track for ‘sense of touch’ robot
12 March 2009

Aussie shoppers more powerful now than ever before
3 March 2009

Deakin appoints new Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)
26 February 2009

Gastric banding surgery more cost-effective for managing type 2 diabetes in obese than conventional care
25 February 2009

Fears unfounded, networking sites add to Aussies' social lives
25 February 2009

Inspirational environments a passion for new architecture head
20 February 2009

7.30 Report apologises to Deakin University
17 February 2009

Call for rethink on nation building in the Pacific
5 February 2009

Deakin scores well in Learning and Teaching Performance Fund
1 February 2009

Increased demand for places at Deakin University in 2009
19 January 2009

Food and eating serious part of doing business in China
18 January 2009

Deakin academic calls for legal protection for consumers over fortified foods
18 January 2009

Symposium experts tackle food concerns
17 January 2009

Deakin University rides high on student preferences
5 January 2009


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