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Salt a new target for reducing overweight and obesity in children, Deakin University researchers find
11 December 2012

Pre-drinking alcohol before hitting the nightclubs likely to lead to violence, study finds
10 December 2012

Deakin to appoint staff and student members to its Council
10 December 2012

Deakin Research's ERA Result: 'World Standard'
6 December 2012

Preschool movement skills programs could lead to life-long benefits
5 December 2012

Males stick to their individual style for luring the ladies, regardless of success rate
4 December 2012

First year of marriage unhappiest
3 December 2012

Feast of celebrity for the thinking man or woman
3 December 2012

Deakin Professor named inaugural BHP Billiton Chair of Australian Studies at Peking University
26 November 2012

CADET project gets the green light
23 November 2012

Relationship, familiarity and intent, influence what Australians see as racist
22 November 2012

Sport, the glue which could help repair remote Aboriginal communities, academic tells enquiry
22 November 2012

Racism stops with you. Race Discrimination Commissioner sets challenge for Australian academics and business
21 November 2012

Australian-led international network to hold governments and food industry accountable for efforts to prevent obesity
15 November 2012

Study to look at the impact of legal alternatives to illegal drugs
14 November 2012

Indian industry body recognition for Deakin University professor
9 November 2012

New study to address the burden of bipolar disorder in the community
7 November 2012

Deakin AIRwatch to alert Victorian hay fever sufferers if it is safe to venture outdoors
31 October 2012

Oration calls for fair go in law for small and micro businesses
26 October 2012

Most children experience their neighbourhoods from the back seat of the car, Deakin University researchers find
23 October 2012

New program offers depression support for Geelong parents and families
22 October 2012

Prestigious awards to further Deakin’s research links with India
19 October 2012

Chisholm signs MOU with Deakin to develop bachelor pathways for local students
18 October 2012

Deakin researcher in Iraq to investigate link between heritage destruction and violence
17 October 2012

World-first trial to test if a healthy diet can treat depression
16 October 2012

Deakin welcomes Avalon Airport upgrade
12 October 2012

Deakin University and IBM collaborate to foster analytics skills for the next generation of Australian workers
12 October 2012

Deakin Graduands urged to "stay hungry, stay foolish, ask questions, insistently, always"
9 October 2012

Study finds most children eat four times the daily salt limit
8 October 2012

Geelong building named in honour of former Vice-Chancellor
8 October 2012

Deakin announces new Vice President (Advancement)
5 October 2012

A taste for olive oil could provide insight into its anti-inflammatory properties
5 October 2012

Statement by the Faculty of Business and Law, Deakin University - Student Academic Misconduct
5 October 2012

Sod-turning marks start of student accommodation project at Deakin’s Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus
4 October 2012

Vale Fred Jevons AO
3 October 2012

Shoppers change their ways to be part of the Costco club
27 September 2012

RBA Assistant Governor calls for debate on profitability of financial sector
26 September 2012

Top teaching awards for Deakin University staff
20 September 2012

Time for action on high depression rates in Australian aged care facilities
17 September 2012

New book sets out roadmap for development success in Myanmar
17 September 2012

AECOM to support national desalination research project
14 September 2012

iPad app revolutionising therapy for autistic children
12 September 2012

Over fishing tips scales towards a fish population of slow growing, couch potatoes
10 September 2012

Children and parents share common ground on sexuality education, project shows
10 September 2012

Deakin academic's global campaign to stand up for a European academic and prevent Holocaust history being rewritten to feature in SBS documentary
10 September 2012

Actors with intellectual disabilities take leading role in teaching teachers of tomorrow about students with special needs
28 August 2012

New book on Muslims in the West aims to shift race relations debate
28 August 2012

Migrants' home connections the untapped resource in Australia's global relations
15 August 2012

Humble zebrafish helping Deakin University researchers find new treatments for obesity and osteoporosis
8 August 2012

Are public attitudes stopping obese men from making healthy life changes?
1 August 2012

GPS trackers to help Deakin researchers find if modified junior football rules effective
27 July 2012

Kids who play interactive video games have better motor skills
24 July 2012

ACCC decision on NBN/Optus economic 'travesty'
20 July 2012

New centre looks to history to develop PNG leaders
17 July 2012

Temporary migrants next big challenge for multicultural Australia
10 July 2012

Europe deals blow to Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA)
5 July 2012

Nice in theory - conference asks is research playing a part in multicultural policy making?
4 July 2012

Bigger, better, cleaner, greener, rechargeable batteries for storing renewable energy more than a three minute project for Deakin University researcher
4 July 2012

Economics Nobel Prize winner addresses Melbourne conference
4 July 2012

Earthquakes open window to democracy, researcher finds
3 July 2012

Deakin wraps train to spread 'Worldly' message to regional Victoria
2 July 2012

Researcher helps to unlock the value of Chinese Indonesians
2 July 2012

Third of firms still have no strategy to address carbon risk
29 June 2012

Digital frontier is the way of the future for Deakin
28 June 2012

Forum moves health policy debate beyond the political blame game
25 June 2012

Observers play critical role for democracy in Timor-Leste
21 June 2012

Economics Nobel Prize winner to address Melbourne conference
20 June 2012

Are they telling the truth? Viewers' key test for Border Security
12 June 2012

Time for education sector to adopt sound business principles
8 June 2012

Artists and musicians – a day for sampling or remixing as you please
6 June 2012

Virtual cash poses security risks, Deakin expert warns
6 June 2012

I'm bright red and I taste foul - the message behind colour and the ladybird's spots
5 June 2012

Water, water everywhere? Research to lay out economic visions for desalination in Australia
5 June 2012

Professor speaks about family impacts of stolen generation
1 June 2012

Charities urged to donate an organisational challenge to Deakin University
30 May 2012

Student's simple idea aims to relieve 'monthly curse' for women and girls in PNG
29 May 2012

New virtual laboratory will be the in place for information that wants to tango
29 May 2012

Hotel closures reduce alcohol related crime forum hears
29 May 2012

Uncovering the secret lives of fish in marine national parks
25 May 2012

Coal seam gas
23 May 2012

Economic and health savings to be made if Australian adults cut their alcohol consumption by five standard drinks a week
18 May 2012

Law lecturer and homelessness advocate receives leadership award
16 May 2012

No satisfaction for men struggling with traditional male stereotypes
14 May 2012

Study finds improving local parks a key to increasing physical activity
14 May 2012

Scientists develop better technique for creating self-cleaning fabrics
14 May 2012

Lawyerly advice not top of mind for rural business owners report finds
14 May 2012

Six months, and days to go, but who's counting? 2012 seminar to take stock of end of world prophecy
10 May 2012

New study looks at link between children’s bone health and mothers’ vitamin D levels during pregnancy
9 May 2012

Aussie program cited as way of helping UK communities bounce back after riots
7 May 2012

Deakin to award former Justice of the High Court Michael Kirby honorary doctorate
1 May 2012

Drama, passion, tears, performance captures the first year of beginning teachers
27 April 2012

Gambling expert calls for government to act ethically and morally on pokie reforms
23 April 2012

Academic asks 'where is the international outcry?' as new index reveals poorest regions in PNG
23 April 2012

Research seeks to answer what makes trendy reef estate for abalone
3 April 2012

Expert tailors index and breaks new ground to help focus on ground efforts in Papua New Guinea
3 April 2012

Deakin lodges final EIF bid
2 April 2012

Papua New Guineans head to Geelong to have voice at conference on their future
30 March 2012

Expert welcomes committee's call to help donor conceived
29 March 2012

Reduced salt equals reduced taste in the mind of consumers
29 March 2012

Facebook becomes the new medium so the dead can live on
21 March 2012

Red meat found to be a good mood food
20 March 2012

Let's put Dingoes and Devils to work to restore our degraded habitats, argue academics
19 March 2012

Sadness helps spread the word about satisfaction with ANZAC cove ceremony
14 March 2012

Allergy-free eggs to be produced by Deakin University and CSIRO
13 March 2012

Study finds link between relationship style and sexual dysfunction
7 March 2012

Deakin at Your Doorstep to offer first full degree by high-speed broadband
6 March 2012

FERDI president to call for climate change to be factored into aid to vulnerable nations in free Melbourne lecture
28 February 2012

Get them while they are young, call for closer examination of preschooler physical activity levels
20 February 2012

Deakin signs partnership with IIM Indore
16 February 2012

New book argues for fresh vision of Australian citizenship
15 February 2012

New Centre for Rural and Regional Law and Justice launched
15 February 2012

We are getting fatter, whichever way we look
3 February 2012

Body image not always a drag on women's wellbeing
31 January 2012

Expert calls for Australia to form military alliance with Indonesia
31 January 2012

Aussies urged to speak up on what they would like to see as their head of state
24 January 2012

Hip size may be the key to link between obesity and premature death
23 January 2012

Visual illusion the key to mating success
20 January 2012

Aboriginal accountants number just 10 of 180,000 - national initiative aims to develop more
19 January 2012

Vitamin D deficiency strikes one-third of Australians
16 January 2012


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