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Deakin research shows limited support for claims ID scanners reduce late night violence
20 December 2013

New head of Deakin's Faculty of Business and Law
19 December 2013

Dialysis is no laughing matter; however researchers are now asking if it should be
17 December 2013

Man power lost as obesity grows, study finds
16 December 2013

Sports concussion has long term impact on the brain, Deakin University research finds
16 December 2013

Simon Crean appointed to Deakin University carbon fibre board
13 December 2013

Report showcases impact of art galleries on communities
5 December 2013

Helping migrant youth become part of Australian society needs more than sport, report argues
5 December 2013

Sometimes welcoming others can be as simple as asking "what's it like over there?"
5 December 2013

Deakin welcomes Federal vote of confidence in Geelong research strength
4 December 2013

Women find the cycle of life not all it's cracked up to be when getting back on their bikes
3 December 2013

Governor-General sees carbon fibre research in action at Deakin in Geelong
25 November 2013

Younger teens are more likely to use alcohol if they live near bottle shops
13 November 2013

Aussie primary kids bubble wrapped tighter than UK children
7 November 2013

Melbourne artist wins $10,000 Deakin University Contemporary Small Sculpture Award
6 November 2013

Spanish to join Chinese, Indonesian and Arabic as Deakin students rise to the language challenge
30 October 2013

Animal personalities are more like humans than first thought, according to a Deakin University study
30 October 2013

Tiny sea creatures are heading for extinction, and could take local fisheries with them
18 October 2013

NSW Government urged to rethink decision to retain and restrict controversial provocation defence
18 October 2013

Deakin to put Victorian Coal Seam Gas regulation on the agenda at conference
15 October 2013

Firm rules by parents can prevent adolescent binge drinking
15 October 2013

Migrants need to be seen as equal and valued members of Australian society, argues UNESCO Chair
10 October 2013

Exercise program gives older people the power to prevent osteoporosis
7 October 2013

Victorian Government proposal to abolish defensive homicide will remove stain on the legal system
4 October 2013

Conference to help early childhood workers, educators and carers cope with gifted children
30 September 2013

Lost for words? Try Words With Melbourne!
30 September 2013

Heritage expert asks whether bushfire memorials commemorate human catastrophe or bush folly
26 September 2013

Deakin and The Gordon find a home in Werribee
25 September 2013

New Deakin University enterprise agreement
20 September 2013

Are window blinds the future of power generation? Deakin University researchers think so
18 September 2013

Geelong study sheds light on children’s bone health
17 September 2013

Deakin economists throw doubt on generic drug price advantage over branded version
16 September 2013

Exactly what is involved in being a sport scientist or a high performance manager? Deakin University researchers want to find out.
13 September 2013

Deakin hosts new paradigm for democracy
6 September 2013

Deakin and Monash join forces to address rural doctor shortage
4 September 2013

$500,000 project to create new industry for Geelong
30 August 2013

Longer term employment measures are better
29 August 2013

Deakin welcomes new Sports Technology Partnership
22 August 2013

Junk food may lead to mental health problems in children
20 August 2013

Demand more than a celebrity from your politicians, visiting expert argues
19 August 2013

Government, teachers and principals heading in different directions on why Asia literacy is important
13 August 2013

Victorian project targets low rates of health literacy
9 August 2013

Forensic students confronted with gruesome reality of working crime scenes
8 August 2013

First public hangout with Julian Assange
1 August 2013

Opportunities still exist in US news system disrupted by technology argues visiting
23 July 2013

Second stage of $103million research and innovation centre opened in Geelong
18 July 2013

One in eight Australian IPs are exposed to web threats every day, reveals study
11 July 2013

Success in Asia will rely on deeper bonds of friendship with Asian neighbours warn visiting scholars
10 July 2013

Deakin makes pay offer
1 July 2013

Mothers and babies sought for study looking at role Oxytocin, the "cuddle chemical" plays in maternal wellbeing
24 June 2013

Deakin's MOOC to explore innovations in assessment
17 June 2013

Deakin study aims to build intercultural understanding in schools
13 June 2013

WOFIE students help to bring campers and Wurundjeri culture closer
12 June 2013

Statement by Deakin University following the death of graduate Dr M Yunupingu
5 June 2013

Science and maths required for all – no short cuts if nation to improve, report argues
5 June 2013

Deakin goes west
5 June 2013

SEEK Learning partners with Deakin University to offer greater access to quality higher education
28 May 2013

Alzheimer’s disease, the soft target of the euthanasia debate
24 May 2013

Sexuality education program for beginning teachers sets lead for Australia and world to follow
14 May 2013

Smashing the gamers' stereotypes and crowdfunding a new research project
9 May 2013

Deakin University has the Edge at Federation Square
8 May 2013

Deakin Makes Research Pozible
8 May 2013

Researcher's bid to raise funds to recapture 1950s Melbourne in 2013
8 May 2013

Deakin applauds Grovedale Station funding
26 April 2013

Gallipoli 2015 balloting- the real capacity is 40,000
23 April 2013

Deakin announces new head of global engagement
22 April 2013

Alcohol fuelled aggression linked to abusive father-son relationships
17 April 2013

‘Town’ meets ‘Gown’ to celebrate Deakin’s Faculty of Business and Law move to Geelong CBD
16 April 2013

Industry powerhouses to teach Deakin students how to master business analytics
16 April 2013

Research to explore the role of nurses in culturally responsive end-of-life care
15 April 2013

Deakin expert warns on business fraud as Phantom hackers zap the sales away
15 April 2013

Deakin responds to university funding cuts
13 April 2013

Morbid obesity in women on the rise, study finds
4 April 2013

Minister officially opens $12.2million Institute of Koorie Education building
27 March 2013

Sporting groups face struggle for coaches, study finds
25 March 2013

Evidence continues to point to alcohol as the main cause of nightlife violence, new study finds
21 March 2013

Cultural diversity should be a core tenet of humanity, says Deakin's new UNESCO chair
21 March 2013

Sporting codes urged to take the lead on environment and climate change
19 March 2013

Peptides helping researchers in search for Parkinson’s disease treatment
18 March 2013

Able and willing 10 years ago to start Iraq war, but Australia not so willing to help its refugees
13 March 2013

Deakin alumnus becomes Victorian Premier
7 March 2013

Two Deakin University business programs gain international accolade
27 February 2013

Deakin researchers tackle the long term impact of sports concussion
24 February 2013

Use the knowledge we have now to change the future, urges climate change expert
22 February 2013

Deakin University extends its reach into rural and regional health
22 February 2013

First stage of multi-million dollar research and innovation centre opened
21 February 2013

New book about 'Honeymoon killer' case raises questions about the achievability of justice
19 February 2013

Date night, late night. Public galleries to launch burning platform for change
15 February 2013

Leading climate change expert Dr Rajendra K Pachauri to give free public lecture in Melbourne
15 February 2013

Geelong leaders set sail on audaciously tall challenge
13 February 2013

Push for privacy irrelevant in tech savvy world, argues Deakin's "big thinker"
6 February 2013

New computer program helps students' comprehension
5 February 2013

Roadsides, drains and railway lines could be prime property for wildlife in urban areas
5 February 2013

New project tackles fishers' health and stress
4 February 2013

Award-winning Deakin University Professor strives for the internationalisation of corporate governance models
1 February 2013

Mums and daughters who shop key to success of retail industry
14 January 2013

Beauty and star factor a real curse in academe
8 January 2013


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