Our facilities

Graduates of nursing and midwifery at Deakin enter the field with extremely well-developed practical and personal skills.

Within our simulation centres you’ll learn to use equipment and experience scenarios that you will come across as a practising nurse or midwife.

Clinical Simulation Centres

Our Clinical Simulation Centres are purpose-built, flexible learning spaces where you'll develop core clinical nursing skills.

Simulating real hospital wards, the centres boast all the state-of-the-art equipment you'll encounter on your clinical placement.

Resources at the centres include:

  • beds, hand basins and wall oxygen
  • technologically advanced and responsive human patient simulation mannequins
  • suction outlets and cardio monitoring systems
  • lifting machines
  • resuscitation trolleys
  • dressing packs and injection equipment
  • web-based resources: online library access, journals and pharmacology resources.

At the centres (based on every campus) you'll use case-based scenarios that will become more complex as your nursing degree progresses.

You'll also develop the skills that are essential for safe patient care, such as communication, teamwork, problem solving and reflective practice skills.

You can book the simulation centres outside of your classes to practise your clinical skills.

Community Simulation Centre

Created in 2015 at our Melbourne Burwood Campus, this innovative centre is set up as someone's house. Complete with a lounge, bedroom, dining room and kitchen, the space gives students the opportunity to develop community-based nursing skills.

You'll practice post-discharge health assessments, mental health interviews and risk assessments – all part of providing safe, quality care in a community context.

Virtual Maternity Clinic

The Virtual Maternity Clinic is a virtual learning environment that complements classroom teaching and clinical placements.

Students use the videos, avatars and interactive activities to practice health assessments and better understand evidence-based pregnancy care.