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The Alfred / Deakin Nursing Research Centre

The Nursing Research Centre is a partnership between Deakin University and The Alfred. It is located at The Alfred campus of Bayside Health, Commercial Road Prahran.

The Centre is led by Professor Tracey Bucknall and supported by Research Fellows, multidisciplinary clinicians, nurse researchers, and higher degree research students (Honours, Masters, PhD). 

Deakin University's partnership with The Alfred provides clinical research opportunities for nurses across a variety of acute and specialty health care settings. This collaborative partnership provides a unique opportunity for nurses seeking clinically focussed research training or clinicians seeking experience in multidisciplinary research projects in critical care, acute care, and specialty health care contexts. 

The Centre has a research agenda that specialises in developing and implementing evidence for nursing practice to enhance quality and safety in the delivery of health care. In particular, the research program is currently evaluating the impact of models of nursing care delivery on health outcomes, medication quality and safety issues, and the impact of emerging technologies on patients and carers.


The Alfred/ Deakin Nursing Research Centre will be recognised nationally and internationally as a leader of excellence in collaborative clinical research that enhances health outcomes through an evidence based approach to improve quality and safety in the delivery of clinical care within hospital settings.


The Centre will lead research to improve health outcomes across acute health care settings through multidisciplinary research activities that focus on improving quality and safety in the delivery of evidence-based clinical care.

The Centre will advance nursing practice and promote critical thinking and leadership skills in research students and clinicians by supporting multidisciplinary collaborative research.


The goals of the Centre are to grow expertise in clinical research by:

  • conducting a clinically based research program that focuses on quality, safety and risk management in the delivery of patient care to enhance patient outcomes
  • fostering development opportunities for nursing research students
  • providing an environment that promotes excellence in leadership and clinical research
  • promoting and supporting collaborative, multidisciplinary research between Deakin University and The Alfred.


Chair in Nursing

Professor Tracey Bucknall

Research Fellow

Dr Mariann Fossum

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