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Barwon Health
Centre for Nursing and Allied Health Research


Barwon Health is Victoria's largest regional integrated health care provider. The organisation was formed from five independent health organisations to provide continuity of care for the individual through integrating acute, continuing, and community care services, from paediatric and birthing services, through acute and rehabilitation services, to aged and palliative care services. These services are provided through three programs Acute Health, Community and Mental Health, and Rehabilitation and Aged Care.

The partnership with Deakin University provides the opportunity for academic staff to collaborate with their clinical colleagues in multidisciplinary research teams to plan and implement research relevant to the current health care environment. In addition, Barwon Health's regional and rural location provides the opportunity for collaborative research to be conducted with other School of Nursing partners in metropolitan and rural locations


The mission of Barwon Health is to provide a comprehensive and integrated range of quality, accessible, and efficient health services across Geelong and the surrounding area. Barwon Health is committed to achieving excellence in clinical care, research, teaching, and health education.


To be locally, nationally, and internationally recognised as a regional centre of research excellence through multidisciplinary research teams, professional collaborations, and industry partnerships.


The aim of the partnership is to facilitate, support, and implement multidisciplinary research across the health care continuum.


  • To conduct a program of research that encompasses quality, safety, and risk management to enhance holistic care and optimise outcomes for patients of Barwon Health.
  • To mentor and support nurses, allied health, and other health professionals to participate in research activities in Barwon Health.
  • To integrate relevant research findings into education programs, heath care policy and clinical practice.
  • To establish multidisciplinary research collaborations including within Barwon Health, with Deakin University, and industry.

Current research activities

Current research activities focus on:

  1. Diabetes
    • General prevention and management issues across the care continuum.
    • Self care, which encompasses medication management and beliefs and attitudes and their effects on health, safety and well being.
  2. Medication management
  3. Complementary therapies
  4. Health care delivery models encompassing evaluation and data utilisation studies for example in residential aged care.


Chair in Nursing

Professor Trisha Dunning

Research Fellow

Dr Sally Savage

Research Assistant

Sue Streat

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