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The Partnership between Deakin University and UnitingCare Community Options (UCCO) was established in April, 2006 and has led to the appointment of Dr Goetz Ottmann.


The UCCO - Deakin partnership aims to conduct high quality research that adds to scientific knowledge and fosters resilience and wellbeing and self-determination in community-based aged and disability care.


  • To conduct a research program in the areas of consumer involvement in the decision-making process, health, social care and multiple chronic illness capacity building, resilience building, and improving the lives of people with a disability; thereby enhancing the independence and wellbeing of individuals in community-based care settings.
  • To encourage and support case managers to participate in research activities.
  • To promote the integration of research findings into advocacy, educational programs, health care policy and professional practice.
  • To develop and support research collaboration between UCCO, Deakin University and other partner organisations.

Current Research Activities

We aim to develop innovative strategies to support evidence-informed practice. In addition, our programs integrate knowledge, 'good practice', and research to promote the improvement of community-based care delivery models.

Community Aged Care

  • Consumer-Directed community aged care
  • Fostering resilience later in life
  • Improving inter-professional communication in community aged care
  • Multiple chronic illness management in the community

Community Disability Care

  • Involving people with an intellectual disability in the decision-making process
  • Safeguarding children with a disability

Research Staff

Goetz Ottmann, PhD (Sociology)
Contact Details
Brandon Office Park
Building 5, 530-540 Springvale Rd
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
Phone: 03 9239 26 39
Fax: 03 9244 61 59
Email: goetz.ottmann@deakin.edu.au or goetz.ottmann@ucco.org.au

Margarita Maradougaki
Research Officer
Phone: 03 9239 25 00
Email: margarita.maradougaki@ucco.org.au

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