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Deakin’s School of Nursing and Midwifery is one of Australia’s most active schools of nursing for research. 

Our supervisors for higher degrees by research are leaders in their chosen fields, both nationally and internationally.

Melbourne Burwood Campus

Alfred Deakin Professor Mari Botti (AM)

Coronary care nursing and pain management, patient participation in health care, patient safety and quality care, pain management, clinical handover and professional communication, clinical decision making.

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Alfred Deakin Professor Maxine Duke

Hospital in the home, care delivery models, home care, teaching and learning, clinical learning.

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Alfred Deakin Professor Tracey Bucknall

Clinical decision making, evidence-based practice, knowledge translation, patient safety and risk management, pain management, acute and critical care nursing.

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Professor Julie Considine

Evidence-based practice, clinical decision making, clinical risk management, health workforce, health service delivery systems, nursing education, emergency nursing and triage.

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Professor Andrea Driscoll

Cardiovascular disease, cardiac nursing, workforce issues, coronary care nursing, quality of care and patient safety, chronic disease management, health service delivery and cost-effectiveness of nursing interventions.

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Professor Judy Currey

Critical care including heart and lung transplantation, nursing practices and health technologies that impact patient outcomes, medication quality and risk management.

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Professor Alison Hutchinson

Translation of evidence into practice (knowledge translation/research utilisation), quality of care and patient safety, organisational context and interprofessional interaction/collaboration, use of qualitative and quantitative methods.

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Professor Trish Livingston

Cancer, palliative care and psychosocial outcomes, evidence-based practice and chronic disease, public health, physical activity, chronic disease and psychosocial outcomes.

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Professor Elizabeth Manias

Medication management, medication adherence, medication safety, consumer participation in health care, communication processes in health care and the ways in which communication relates to adverse events.

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Professor Bodil Rasmussen

Diabetes, chronic illness in young people, psychosocial aspects of living with chronic illness, patient participation in health care, patient safety and quality care, pain management, clinical handover and professional communication, clinical decision making.

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Associate Professor Helen Forbes

Nursing education, teamwork, quality and risk management, translation of evidence into practice.

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Associate Professor Anastasia Hutchinson

Chronic disease management (respiratory and cardiac disease), infection prevention and management, antimicrobial stewardship, ambulatory and critical care management of respiratory disease, respiratory and infectious diseases epidemiology, sepsis, pharmacology and advanced practice roles for nurses. 

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Associate Professor Pat Nicholson

Cultural competence, nursing education, postoperative adverse events related to chronic medications and pressure injuries in surgical patients.

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Associate Professor Di Phillips

Education, women's health including childbearing experience, drug alcohol and illicit drug use by pregnant women.

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Associate Professor Nikki Phillips

Evidence-based practice, acute care nursing, enteral tube management, clinical education.

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Associate Professor Bernice Redley

Safety and quality in healthcare delivery.

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Associate Professor Diane Phillips

Education, women's health including childbearing experience, drug alcohol and illicit drug use by pregnant women.

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Dr Stephane Bouchoucha

Infection prevention and control, adherence to guidelines, occupational risk taking and patient safety, scale development and psychometric testing, path analysis, public health.

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Dr Rhonda Brown

Physical and mental health outcomes of people of diverse sexuality, cancer risk factors among non-hetrosexual women, relationships between hazardous drinking and depression and anxiety.

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Dr Grainne Lowe

Evidence-based practice, health workforce/service delivery planning, nursing policy, clinical decision making, nursing scope of practice, knowledge translation, patient safety, nursing education, emergency nursing.

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Dr Maureen Miles

Women, families’ and midwives’ lived experiences of pregnancy, labour and postnatal care, improving clinical outcomes with vulnerable populations, development of education strategies to enhance student’s clinical decision making.

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Geelong Waterfront Campus

Professor Trisha Dunning (AM)

Nursing management of people with diabetes in all settings especially end-of-life care and care for older people, quality use of medicines, complementary therapies using quantitative and qualitative approaches.

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Associate Professor Debra Kerr

Quality and safety of patient care in acute care settings; including interprofessional clinical communication and handover, care of older persons, patient participation, and models of care.

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Associate Professor Rochelle Wynne

Risk factors that influence recovery, cardiothoracic patient care, pulmonary dysfunction, pain haemodynamic monitoring, and thoracostomy tube management.

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