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Great Leaders Save Lives

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Every day millions of people have their lives torn apart by conflict or natural disasters. In 2016 alone more than 125 million people have needed humanitarian assistance.

Many of us want to help but don’t know the best way to make a meaningful impact.

At Deakin we know that great humanitarian leaders save lives. When a crisis occurs, there’s an immediate need for emergency assistance. It’s essential that the first to be deployed are the most equipped. That is why we have created the Humanitarian Leadership Programme - to transform already great humanitarians into leaders of excellence.

The people we train are ready to respond to crisis situations at a moments notice. Each graduate from this world-first program will go on to affect millions of lives.

Together we can use the power of education to multiply our impact from the classroom to the disaster zone.

By supporting the Humanitarian Leadership Programme you will be putting humanitarian leaders on the ground, where help is needed most. Multiply your reach today.

The multiplier effect.

The people we train come from all over the world and go back into the world ready to respond to crisis situations at a moment’s notice. They are prepared to step up in crisis, to deliver better outcomes for countless humans in troubled times.

Centre for Humanitarian Leadership

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