Humanitarian Scholarship Fund Amenthi's story

Amenthi's story

Manager, Humanitarian & Emergency Affairs World Vision Sri Lanka

Amenthi Jasinghe-Dabare

Through her role at World Vision Sri Lanka, Amenthi received sponsorship for the Humanitarian Leadership Programme. This life-changing programme gave Amenthi the skills she needed to save, help and improve the lives of the women and children she supports in Sri Lanka. These are the people, who are still trying to survive the aftermath of Sri Lanka’s 30-year ethnic conflict that ended in 2009. Since then, Amenthi has encountered thousands of households that are headed by women, caregivers and even young children, an ongoing consequence of the horrific number of deaths from this conflict.

Her leadership training can never completely prepare Amenthi for the resultant trauma she witnesses in these survivors’ faces, but it does give her the courage, resilience and focus to lead during adversity. This training also provides Amenthi with the new skills to adapt her temperament to manage her team in better ways. As she matured, Amenthi learnt to be a bolder, yet more consistent leader, who inspires her people to grow and learn. The two-way trust she built with her team members was the foundation for the collaborative work ethic that produces the extra capacity they need to succeed.

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