Humanitarian Scholarship Fund Brendan's story

Brendan's story

Station Officer NSW Fire & Rescue

Brendan Hurley

Through his role at Fire and Rescue, Brendan was able to receive sponsorship for the much coveted Humanitarian Leadership Programme. Based in New South Wales, Brendan’s crucial day- to-day role is as an Urban Search & Rescue (USAR) Taskforce Crew Leader. It’s here that he manages the daily operations of the fire station, and its staff, and is on call to respond to local emergencies and natural disasters, coordinating and leading the various response teams at his disposal. However, Brendan’s unique leadership skills mean he is often deployed overseas to help deal with a humanitarian crisis that was unimaginable only moments before. Within a day of a disaster striking, he can be on the ground assisting in search and rescue and recovery operations in a country he’d never even visited before.

The success of Brendan’s leadership training is the difference between saving and losing lives. The way that he responds in a crisis is the key to how the people under his leadership are able to do the same. The Humanitarian Leadership Programme enabled Brendan to become more self-reflective and aware. This has now given him the confidence to use his judgment and intuition to make the correct critical decisions in any “high-pressure, highly-stressful humanitarian response environment”. Brendan’s leadership skills have recently helped to save lives in Uganda in 2014 and in South Sudan In 2015. Where he’ll be needed tomorrow, nobody knows.

Without your help, Brendan’s story would never have been told. Please keep giving whatever you can afford to help our humanitarian leaders, so that they can help those who need it, wherever the next crisis strikes.

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