Humanitarian Scholarship Fund Samar's Story

Samar's Story

Deputy Country Director of Programs

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As a little girl growing up in Lebanon during the Civil War, Samar knows first-hand the atrocities that conflict can cause. The war impacted her family most when she was about eight years old and it reached the town where she was living with her mum and two younger siblings.

Fast forward twenty-odd years and it seems things have come full circle. Samar now works to create safe spaces for children across Lebanon in her role with Save the Children, supporting over 220,000 children in times of crisis. Many of these at present are refugee children who have come to Lebanon from Syria.

As Deputy Country Director of Programs – a role Samar was promoted to shortly after graduating from the Humanitarian Leadership Programme – she is able to provide strong strategic direction to Lebanon’s programs and make an enormous difference in the lives of thousands of children.

The confidence and credibility Samar gained through the course supports her daily in what is often such a tense environment. She learnt critical skills to remain calm in crisis and the ability to calm those around her.

Learning to be a leader under stress was one of the biggest take-aways I had from the course. It gave me the tools to bring out the best in myself and others

Reflecting on her leadership, she credits the Humanitarian Leadership Programme’s for her rapid learning and growth in the field. The focus the course had on critically analysing and discussing the humanitarian principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence, helps her to make decisions under pressure.

Samar is grateful for all that the course has helped her achieve.

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