Gain workplace experience as part of your degree

The skills and experiences you develop in a professional work environment can be extremely important as you search for your future graduate role. You’ll learn practical skills, build your professional resume, gain valuable networks and differentiate yourself from other job applicants.

Of course, work experience can also be a great motivator in your studies, as you develop a better understanding of the relationship between your course and future career. The experience can affirm your career direction or take you on an unexpected career pathway.

At Deakin Open Day, talk to current students and graduates about their unique workplace learning experiences. Did they have a positive experience? How did it relate to their course? Did it influence their future career pathway? Has it led to future work opportunities? Did their experience help secure their first job?

How does it work?

A wide range of internship, community-based volunteering, work placement and work-integrated learning programs are available as part of Deakin’s courses. These programs are designed to get you out into the field gaining real-world experience.

There are programs where you can work just a couple of hours a week over a trimester (or year), programs where you do an intensive, full-time four-week placement, as well as opportunities to choose a three, six or 12-month placement, where you earn roughly 80% of your graduate salary. Some courses, such as teaching, nursing, occupational therapy – and many more – incorporate regular compulsory on-the-job learning, recognising the importance of practical learning and experience to your future career success.

Talk to staff and students in the Career and Course Information Centre at Open Day about the workplace learning opportunities available within your courses of interest. How does Deakin support these experiences? What programs are available to you? Which employers could you get access to? How can you go about securing placements?

What are the benefits of workplace learning?

Getting the chance to work in the industry while you’re still studying helps you to:

  • apply theoretical learning in the workplace
  • polish the skills and attributes needed for success
  • develop your self-confidence
  • gain credit towards your degree
  • explore future career pathways
  • experience workplace and industry culture
  • develop professional work practices and networks
  • be work-ready when you finish your studies
  • have an edge in the job-seeking market.

Our industry connections lead to work placement opportunities

Industry connections help Deakin’s courses stay relevant, both to current workplaces and the workplaces of the future. They also lead to interesting and varied workplace learning opportunities for students.

In addition to being talented teachers, many professors and lecturers also come from industry and remain active in their fields. This means that the courses they teach stay relevant and reflect changing workplace needs, setting you up on a clear path in the field of your choice, and guaranteeing a qualification that is widely recognised in the workplace.

Talk to staff in the Career and Course Information Centre about Deakin’s industry connections and partnerships. Find out how these inform the courses you’re considering.

Find out how you can prepare for career success

At Deakin Open Day, visit the Employability Precinct and find out why Deakin is the #1 university in Victoria for skills development. Chat to staff, current students and graduates about courses, internships, study tours, international experiences and award-winning graduate employment services focused on preparing our students for the jobs and careers of the future.

Employers say that experience matters when it comes to recruiting graduates. Head to the Employability Precinct at Deakin Open Day and talk with future employers, staff and graduates about the importance of complementing your studies with workplace learning experiences.