Getting Started at Deakin

About the Survey

The Getting Started at Deakin Survey (GS@D) provides new students with an opportunity to actively reflect on their first six weeks at Deakin. The survey provides an insight into how new students perceive their academic and social transition to Deakin, which informs planning and actions around transition promotion, resources, support, events and activities.

The survey supports the Student Success plan in that further analysis of the survey data late in 2013 will facilitate the linking of student’s survey responses to their success rate for trimester one and enrolment status. This will enable the potential identification of additional attributes of students at risk, to potentially inform strategies associated with supporting such students.

The survey covers several aspects of the transition to higher education, from choosing a course, enrolment and orientation activities, experiences through the first six weeks of study and knowledge of student and information services. The survey also seeks to gain information on the implication of employment activities for students who are new to higher education as well as information on those students who considered withdrawing from their studies during the first six weeks.


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