Survey Evaluation Framework

About the framework

Deakin has developed a Survey Evaluation Framework for the management of University surveys. The Framework includes a procedure for Deakin University surveys, a schedule of surveys for the current year and those on a bi-annual cycle, guidelines to questionnaire development, and other documents pertaining to the administration and analysis of survey data.

Survey Documentation
Deakin University Surveys Procedure
2014 Survey Schedule for University Core Strategic Surveys
2013 Survey Schedule for University Core Strategic Surveys
Survey Approval Form
Standard Privacy Statement
Survey Design and Question Development Guides


Deakin Online Surveys

Deakin Online Surveys uses Opinio for its online surveys. Opinio is a corporate application to measure customer satisfaction. It provides the ability for Deakin University staff members to survey staff and students of the University.

Opinio enables staff to develop and administer a variety of survey types. There is also built in functionality for automated reports. All staff using Opinio, through Deakin On-line Surveys, require a user licence and must be fully aware of the University's Survey Procedure and have obtained Survey Approval before they administer a survey.

Deakin Online Surveys
Opinio User Manual
Opinio Licence Request Form


Survey Approval Process

We recognize that survey development can be a lengthy and sometimes arduous process. To avoid disappointment in the event that a survey is not approved, a two phase approval process has been introduced.

In the first phase, requests to conduct a survey are to be submitted using the Survey Approval Form. The form should be completed by the survey sponsor or their delegate. Survey sponsors are usually a member of the Senior Executive or another senior manager of the University. The survey sponsor will need to provide sufficient detail to enable an informed decision in granting approval or not. The Director, Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit will evaluate the information provided and will make a recommendation on the proposed survey to the Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic).

Once approval is obtained the survey sponsor will be required to submit a final draft of the survey instrument. The Strategic Intelligence and Planning Unit will schedule the survey into the survey calendar and provide consultation with the survey sponsor to ensure that the survey conforms with ‘best practice’ in survey design and administration.

Before submitting the Survey Approval Form, please review the current survey schedule and University survey procedure.


Further information

Contact Wendy Marchment, Manager, Institutional Research and Surveys

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