Centre for Pattern Recognition and Data Analytics (PRaDA)

At PRaDA we discover patterns in big and lean data, and use these insights to solve real-world problems. Our researchers develop new tools and technologies that harness data for practical use. Grounded in machine learning, our exciting research covers health care, security, social media, advanced manufacturing and more.

We design smarter technologies

At PRaDA we work on diverse projects, using data insights to address real-world problems. We advance theory across a range of statistical methods, from optimisation to probabilistic techniques.

Our vision is to uncover what data can do and harness that knowledge. We want to deliver new technologies that are industry-specific and efficient, increasing productivity and helping businesses be cost-effective. We are data-domain agnostic.

The availability of data and advances in machine learning is allowing us to transform fields as diverse as health and security.



Featured staff

Meet just a few of our leading researchers producing world-class outcomes.

Dr Truyen Tran

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Alfred Deakin Professor Svetha Venkatesh

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Associate Professor Sunil Gupta

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Our TOBY Playpad helps children with autism

Our research to help children with autism has provided a useful digital app, TOBY, to assist in the early stages of learning. It delivers stimulus through a syllabus of tasks, monitors children's performance on these tasks and adjusts lessons accordingly, adapting to their needs.

Thanks to this adaptive early intervention program, children living with autism are learning new social, cognitive and sensory skills.

Read more about assistive technology and autism research

Join our research team

To become a PRaDA research student you need a clear vision of what you want to investigate through data, through state-of-the-art machine learning.

In just a few steps you could be helping to make the world a better place through major technological advances using big and lean data.

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Find a supervisor at PRaDA

Once you know what you want to do, discuss your proposal with a potential supervisor at PRaDA. Ask our staff if they have time to supervise you, if they specialise in the area you want to focus on and if they like the sound of your proposal.

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PRaDA's successful start-ups

PRaDA's work has resulted in two start-ups. TOBY Autism Therapy is an app that provides tailored learning for children with autism, and iCetana is intelligent video surveillance software detects potential security threats in large data sets.

Learn more about TOBY Autism Therapy

Learn more about iCetana

Developing a life-saving healthcare app

Professor Venkatesh's team of researchers have set up a health analytics program that uses data to help doctors to predict risk and adverse events. It predicts suicide risk, the risk of preterm birth, and the risk of toxicity in cancer treatment. From this program they've created a software platform that will improve hospital efficiency and patient care.

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