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Dr Achinto Roy

Position: Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Business School
Phone: +61 3 522 71096 +61 3 522 71096



  • Bachelor of Commerce, University of Bombay, 1982
  • Bachelor of Commerce (Honours), University of Canterbury (NZ), 2000
  • Master of Commerce, University of Canterbury (NZ), 2002
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Management, University of Canterbury (NZ), 2006
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2011


Chartered Accountant,Associate of Institute of Chartered Accountants



Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

Member of Australasian Business Ethics Network

Member of Australian Case Research Association


Director International- Department of Management ;

Member of Deakin University Human Research Ethics Committee (2015-2016); 

Chair, Faculty of Business & Law Human Ethics Advisory Group (2015-2016)

Editorial Board Member, International Journal of Business & Globalisation

Professional activities

Member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

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Teaching Interests

Units related to Corporate and Business Strategy, International Business, Accounting & Finance, Business and Professional Ethics

Subjects and units currently teaching

Currently Teaching Financial Reporting & Analysis within the MBA program

Past Teaching at Deakin 2008- 2015: Global Strategy, Strategic Management, International Business, Business Ethics, Entrepreneurship,  Understanding Organisations and Organisational Behaviour,

Expertise categories

Expertise summary

Corruption in Business and Society; Corruption-related Decision-making for managers; Accounting Fraud, Financial Reporting and Corporate Strategy

Knowledge areas

Corruption in International Business and Society; Corporate Strategy; Ethics and Corporate Governance; Accounting & Finance

Conferences and seminars

Roy, A. (2015)  'Doing Business in India: Institutional Challenges' presented as part of a workshop along with Pattnaik, C. at ANZIBA annual conference 2015, Melbourne, Australia

Roy, A & Banerj, K (2013) 'A Linkage, Learning, Leverage approach to Global expansion strategy for Indian Companies, 3rd Indian Academy of Management Conference, 2013, IIM Ahmedabad, India, Dec 2013.

Roy, A. (2013) 'The Future of Australia's Automobile Industry' 4th Asian Business Management Conference, Osaka, Japan, Nov 2013.  

Roy, A. (2012) ‘Facilitating payments: An ingredient of systemic corruption’ at the ABEN 2012 (Australasian Business Ethics Network) Conference, Melbourne.

Roy, A. (2011) ‘Corruption in the Indian business context’ at the 2nd Indian Academy of Management Conference 2011, IIM Bangalore, India, Dec 2011.

Roy, A. (2009) ‘Dealing with Corruption and Bribery in a Host Country’ ANZAM 2009, Monash University, Melbourne, December 2009

Roy, A. (2009) ‘Examining the Tata Nano Project’ at the 16th International Conference for Promoting Business Ethics, University of Niagara, USA, October 2009.

Roy, A. (2008) ‘Bribes Vs. Gifts’ presented at the 8th International Conference on Knowledge, Culture and Change Management, University of Cambridge, UK. August 2008. 

Roy, A. (2007) ‘India’s Special Economic Zones: Ethical issues and their Resolution’  presented at the 14th Annual International Vincentian Business Ethics Conference, De Paul University, Chicago, USA, November 1-3, 2007. 

Roy, A. (2007) ‘Ethical Issues in India’s financial markets’,  EBEN (European Business Ethics Network) Research Conference, University of Bergamo, Italy, June 21-23, 2007.

Roy, A. (2006) ‘Dealing with Corruption in Global Business: through a CRDM process’, 19th EBEN Conference, Vienna, Austria, September 2006.

Roy, A. (2006) ‘Good governance in Corruption-related situations”: A CRDM approach, published as proceedings of the National Conference on Business Ethics, SIES Institute of Management, Mumbai, India, August 2006

Roy, A. & Singer A.E. (2005) ‘Reducing Corruption: Some Individual, Organisational and Political Approaches’, 19th ANZAM Conference, Canberra, December, 2005 

Roy, A. (2005) ‘Corruption-related Decision-making and Multinational Business Decisions’ at Beyond Fragmented Government: Governance in Public Sector Conference, Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, August 2005.

Roy, A. (2005) ‘Introducing Corruption-related Decision-making in the Multinational Business Context’ at European Business Ethics Network (EBEN) Research Conference at Estonian Business School, Tallinn, June 2005.

Roy, A. (2004) “A CRDM Model for Multinational Business Managers”, published as proceedings of the 8th Post Graduate Researchers Conference at Waikato Management School, University of Waikato, New Zealand.

Roy, A. & Singer, A.E. (2004) “Reducing Corruption in International Business Decisions: Prospects, Frameworks and Techniques”, published as proceedings of the Third ISBEE World Congress on Business Ethics, University of Melbourne, July 2004.

Media appearances

Roy, Achinto (2010) Combating a culture of kickbacks, Risk, p. 14, LexisNexis Butterworths, Chatswood, N.S.W. [M.1]

Roy, Achinto (2010) When is a gift really a bribe?, The Drum, ABC News, Australia [M.1]


Awards and prizes

1. Faculty Staff Award 2014 for Outstanding Contribution to our Students, Staff, Alumni and Friends. 

2. Teaching Fellowship 2014 for Linnaeus University, Sweden.


Research interests

Corruption in Business & Society;  Accounting Fraud; Financial Reporting and Compliance; Corporate strategy; Business ethics


Research grants

$15000 Bowater Trust Grant for Management & Marketing Indonesia Internship Program (with Assoc. Prof. David Bednall), July 2015

$9749 Faculty Research Grant 2014- awarded along with Dr. Keith Abbot, Dr. Mona Chung, John McElvaney and Dr. Leanne Morris (An interpretive study of seasonal labour shortages in the agricultural sector)

$25000 Bowater Trust Grant for Social Entrepreneurship Challenge 2014 along with Dr. Fara Azmat, Dr, Ahmed Ferdous and Dr. Yuka Fujimoto

$20000 Asia Bound Government grant for Internationalisation (with Ms. Neema Thomas-Cuccinotta), Nov 2013

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