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Dr Alison Beauchamp

Position: Senior Research Fellow
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Health & Soc. Dev.
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46517 +61 3 924 46517



Alison is a Senior Research Fellow in the Health Systems Improvement Unit at Deakin University. She recently completed an ARC-post doctoral fellowship on the project “Enhancing Health Literacy to optimise health equality across Victorian communities”. Her role was to manage this large project (named Ophelia Victoria), which involved collaborating with 9 healthcare sites throughout Victoria to support them in applying a new approach to intervention development and implementation. Currently, Alison is CI on a large project in collaboration with BreastScreen Victoria and the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services which uses health literacy as a means to optimising engagement in breast screening for the diverse community living in North West Melbourne.

In her role as Senior Research Fellow, Alison aims to strengthen the evidence-base for the determinants of health inequalities, and to develop methods for identifying which types of healthcare interventions contribute to socioeconomic gradients in health outcomes. Alison was a NHMRC scholar in the Department of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine at Monash University and was awarded her PhD in 2011. Prior to undertaking her PhD, Alison was a Registered Nurse with an extensive cardiac portfolio. This clinical background provides her with a unique perspective on addressing the challenges associated with implementing new interventions in healthcare settings. She currently co-supervises five PhD students, and has a strong track record relative to opportunity. Her growing international profile is evidenced by invitations to present her work in Australia the UK, the US and Asia.


Knowledge areas

Health literacy

Health inequalities


Chronic Disease

Health Services

Intervention Development



Research interests

Social epidemiology

Health literacy

Health inequalities

Cardiovascular disease


Research grants


  • Health Foundation UK $144,206 Using a health literacy approach to generate improvements for people with long-term conditions” Northumbria healthcare NHS foundation trust.
  • Australian Department of Health. National Programs Grants Branch. Inter-professional student simulation experiences: Enhancing self-management of acute asthma through web based simulated resources. $33,441. Cooper S, Allen L, Beauchamp A, Bullock S, Cant R, Coombs N, Giannis A, Hopmans R,  McKenna L, Waller S.
  • Victorian Department of Health project-specific funding “Development and Validation of a health literacy tool to support clinical interactions” $65,000   Beauchamp A. Hawkins M, Elsworth G, Batterham R, Dodson S, Osborne R.
  • Victorian Department of Health project-specific funding “Health literacy and Breast Screening responsiveness” $250,000 Beauchamp A, Osborne R, Dodson S.
  • Victorian Department of Health project-specific funding “Ophelia Cancer initiative – Grampians region” $168,289 Osborne R, Dodson S, Livingston T, Beauchamp A, Batterham R.
  • Remedy Healthcare project-specific funding ‘Understanding health literacy needs of Private Health Consumers” $42,000. Beauchamp A, Dodson S, Osborne R


  • Victorian Department of Health project-specific funding “Improving the primary prevention of heart disease in rural & regional populations: A Practice Nurse-led absolute risk assessment clinic; the HeartsFirst pilot study” Rolley J, Driscoll A, Beauchamp A, Halcomb E. $43,000


  • Victorian Department of Health project-specific funding “Improving medication compliance in heart failure patients using a Health literacy framework” Driscoll A, Beauchamp A, Osborne R. $95,603
  • National Heart Foundation project-specific funding “Use of a health literacy framework to evaluate an educational resource for cardiac secondary prevention: a randomised controlled trial” Beauchamp A, Driscoll A, Livingstone T, Osborne R. $22,000


  • Australian Post-Doctoral Industry (APDI) award on ARC linkage grant, “Enhancing Health Literacy to optimise health equality across Victorian communities” Osborne, R, Buchbinder R, Beauchamp A, $1,411,588
  • Research Seeding Grant, University of Ballarat. ”Incorporating foundational health literacy education into nursing curriculum: responding to clinical demand”.  Smith A, Beauchamp A, Elmer S, $10,000
  • National Heart Foundation travel grant, $2000
  • Australian National Preventive Health Agency grant “The impact of obesity prevention policy on social inequalities in obesity”  Peeters A,  Backholer K, Martin J , Magliano D, Woods J, Stevenson C, Beauchamp A, Ball K., $247,340


  • ARC Linkage grant “What will it take to decrease socio-economic inequalities in obesity?” Peeters A, Magliano D, Stevenson C, Martin J, Ball K, Beauchamp A. $223,161


  • Monash University Travel Grant to attend course on health inequalities in Florence, $2115.00


  • National Health and Medical Research Council PhD Scholarship, $84,239.00



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