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Dr Ameeta Jain

Position: Senior Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Business and Law
Department: BL Deakin Business School
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46151 +61 3 924 46151


Teaching Interests


  • Money and Capital Markets 

Subjects and units currently teaching

  • Money and capital markets (MAF202): Unit chair and lecturer
  • Superannutaion Planning (MAF311): Lecturer

Conferences and seminars

1.Jain, A. (with Courvisanos, J.), (2011), Home Based Business in Peripheral Urban Regions and Government Policy: A Case Study of Casey, Melbourne Australia, presented to the PRSCO conference 2011, 3-6 July

2.Jain, A. (2010), Knowledge Distribution Nodes and Home Based Businesses: Role of Business Associations and Local Council in Casey LGA, presented to the ANZSRAI conference 2010, 7-10 December

3. Jain, A. (with Courvisanos, J.), (2008), 'Urban Growth Centres On The Periphery: Ad Hoc Policy Vision and Research Neglect', presented to the ANZSRAI conference 2008, 1-3 December

4. Jain, A. (with D Thomson, A Farley and P Mulready), (2008) Engagement and learning through social software in finance: the Trading room experience in Roger Atkinson and Clare McBeath (eds), Ascilite 2008 Melbourne Proceedings, Deakin University, Melbourne, December

5. Jain, A. (with Farley, A., Thomson, D. and Mulready, P.), (2007) Comparing Perceptions of Learning between First, Second and Third Year Finance Students, presented to the 7th International Business Research Conference, Sydney, 3-6 December

6. Jain, A. (2007) A New Broad Composite Model of Regional Economic Development as a Framework for Research, presented to the 20th Small Enterprise Conference 2007, Auckland, NZ, 23-26 September 2007

7. Jain, A. (2006) Population Driven or Innovation Driven: A Question of Sustainability in a Nascent Urban Centre, presented to the 30th ANZRSAI conference, 26-29 September

8. Jain, A. (with D Thomson), (2006) The Evolution of CSR Reporting: A Comparison of Westpac and National Australia Bank, presented to the ICCB 2006, Leura, Blue Mountains NSW, 20-23 September

9. Jain, A. (with D Thomson), (2006) Accountability and Board Functionality: National Australia Bank's Experience, presented to the 11th FINSIA-Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies Banking and Finance Conference, Papers and Presentations, Melbourne Centre for Financial Studies, Melbourne, VIC September

10. Jain, A. (with Courvisanos, J.), (2006) A Framework for Sustainable Ecotourism: Application to Costa Rica paper presented to the CAUTHE 2006, Melbourne, 6-9 February

11. Jain, A. (2005) The Regional Innovation Systems in the City of Casey: Prospective Evaluation, paper presented to the 2nd International Business Research Conference, Sydney, 5-8 December

12. Jain, A. (with Courvisanos, J.), (2005) Ecotourism in Costa Rica: An Economic Framework of Analysis (with Dr. J Courvisanos, University of Ballarat), paper presented to the 4th National Tourism Futures Conference, Gold Coast, October 3-5

13. Jain, A. (with D Thomson), (2005) Corporate Governance Failure and its Impact on National Australia bank Performance, (with D Thomson, Deakin) paper presented to European Applied Business Research Conference, Santorini - Greece, June 20-22


Awards and prizes

  • School of AEF award for "Excellence in Teaching" in 2012
  • School of AEF Certificate of recognition for "Excellence in service" in 2011
  • School of AEF "Best Research achievement" award in2009
  • Faculty of Business and Law "Exemplar of Teaching Excellence" award in 2009
  • Faculty of Business and Law Outstanding Contribution to Faculty's operational plan for Teaching Award in 2007


Research interests

  • Regional development and regional economics
  • Corporate governance issues in financial institutions
  • Educational Research in Tertiary Institutions

Research grants

  • ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountants) (2013) of $13,028 for the project "Unlisted Mortgage Investment Companies: An Investigation of Corporate and Regulaory Failure" with Monica Keneley and Graeme Wines
  • School of Accounting Economics and Finance, Research Grant (2013) for the project " Mutual banks: Is it the final Frontier"
  • Australian Centre of Financial Studies Grant (2012) of $10,000 for the project "Divergence between customer and community perception of Banks"
  • School of Accounting Economics and Finance, Teaching Performance Incentive Grant (2011)of $6,000 for research project "VotApedia: Measuring Student engagement via the use of mobile phones in large group teaching class sessions" with Alan Farley (Victoria University)
  • ICAA (Institute of Chartered Accountants) (2011) of $11,520 for the project "CSR Reporting in the Australian Banking Sector" with M. Keneley and D. Thomson
  • STALGS Grant (2008) of $38,000 for research project "Online knowledge construction in Finance: engaging student life-long learning using social software" with Pam Mulready, Di Thomson, Russell Vinning, Chee Jin Yap and Alan Farley
  • FRG Grant (2006) of $9,500 for research project "Student perceptions of learning: Do They Change Over the Course of their Degree Studies?" with Di Thomson and Alan Farley

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