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Prof Andrew Bennett

Position: Associate Head of School (Research)
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Science Engineering & Built Environment
Department: School of Life and Environmental Sciences
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92517609 +61 3 92517609



Prof. Andrew Bennett holds a Personal Chair and is Assoc. Head of School (Research) in the School of Life & Environmental Sciences at Deakin University.  Prior to joining Deakin in 1996, he was a Senior Scientist at the Arthur Rylah Institute, Department of Environment and Primary Industries, Victoria.  He has broad research interests in landscape ecology and conservation biology, with a focus on understanding how human land-use and landscape change affect native fauna and ecological processes.  

Current research projects include collaborative studies of the effects of fire in semi-arid mallee, dry box-ironbark forests and foothill forest ecosystems; and longer-term investigations of wildlife conservation in agricultural landscapes.  Six-month study periods in Canada (Carleton University), Britain (Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) and USA (Harvard Forest, Harvard University) have helped provide a broader international perspective on landscape change and nature conservation.  


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Melbourne, 1988

Career highlights

Deakin University - Personal Chair (2009 - present)

Deakin University - Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Assoc. Professor (1996-2008)

Dept Conserv. & Natural Res, Victoria - Scientist, Senior Scientist (1984-1995)

BSc (Hons), PhD (The University of Melbourne)



2012 (July - Dec) Harvard Forest, Harvard University, USA

2000 (Jan - July) Monks Wood, Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK

1989 (Mar - Aug) Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada


Ecological Society of Australia

International Association for Landscape Ecology

Australian Mammal Society

Birdlife Australia

Professional activities

Editorial Boards:  Austral Ecology, Ecological Management & Restoration

Scientific Reference Committees:  Zoos Victoria


Subjects and units currently teaching

Landscape Ecology

Ecology and Environment

Student supervision

PhD completions (Principal Supervisor)

2000 Rodney van der Ree - The ecology of arboreal marsupials in a network of remnant linear habitats

2002 Jim Radford - The distribution and conservation ecology of the White-browed Treecreeper, Climacteris affinis, in north-west Victoria

2002 Jenny Wilson - Flowering patterns and ecology of Eucalyptus species in Box-Ironbark forests

2004  Lindy Lumsden - The ecology and conservation of insectivorous bats in rural landscapes

2006  Mark Antos - The ecology and conservation of ground-foraging woodland birds

2007  Grant Palmer - Ecological value of riparian zones to birds in forest landscapes

2008  Greg Holland - Small mammals in a fragmented landscape: pattern and process

2008  Angie Haslem - Landscape pattern, countryside heterogeneity and bird conservation in agricultural environments

2008  Lindy MacRaild - Ecology of mistletoe parasitism in rural landscapes: a multi-scale perspective

2010  Luke Kelly - Ecology and conservation of small mammals in a fire-prone landscape

2011 Dale Nimmo - Fire, energy, and the ecology of reptiles in semi-arid Australia

2011 Simon Watson - Fire and the conservation of the avifauna of mallee ecosystems

2011 Sarah Brown - Mallee Emu-wren Stipiturus mallee: multi-scale habitat requirements and population structure


M.Sc (Research)

2001 Chris Tzaros - Importance of riparian vegetation to terrestrial avifauna along the Murray River, south-eastern Australia’

Current PhD students:

Michelle Bassett

Evelyn Chia

Anna Moodie

Cara Brammar

Mark Hall



Awards and prizes

2011 Charles Bullard Fellowship, Harvard University

2004 David Ashton Biodiversity Award (NRE Science Awards - Co-Investigator)

2000 Travelling Fellowship, Land & Water Australia

2000 David Ashton Biodiversity Award (NRE Science Awards - Team Leader)

1980  Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Trust  (Award)


2007  Teaching Excellence Award, Deakin University (individual)

2007  Teaching Excellence Award, Deakin University (team award)


Research interests

Ecology and conservation biology of Australian fauna

Ecological effects of human land-use, especially patterns of landscape change in agricultural regions

Landscape ecology of fire and its implications for biota and ecological processes

Ecology and conservation of woodland ecosystems

Research groups

Centre for Integrative Ecology


Landscape Ecology Research Group



Selected publications 

Bennett, A.F., Nimmo, D.G., Radford, J.Q. 2014. Riparian vegetation has disproportionate benefits for the landscape-scale conservation of woodland birds in highly modifed environments.  J. Appl Ecol 51: 514-23.

Nimmo, D.G., Kelly, L.T., Spence-Bailey, L.M., Watson, S.J., Haslem, A., White, J.G., Clarke, M.F. and Bennett, A.F. 2012.  Predicting the century-long, post-fire responses of reptiles. Glob Ecol & Biogeog 21: 1062-73.

Taylor, R.S., Watson, S.J., Nimmo, D.G., Kelly, L.T., Bennett, A.F. and Clarke, M.F. 2012. Landscape-scale effects of fire on bird assemblages: does pyrodiversity beget biodiversity? Div & Distrib 18: 519-29.

Watson, S.J.A., Taylor, R., Nimmo, D.G., Kelly, L.T., Clarke, M.F. and Bennett, A.F. 2012.  Effects of time-since-fire on birds: how informative are generalised fire response curves for conservation management?  Ecol Applic 22: 685-96.

Kelly, L.T., Nimmo, D.G., Spence-Bailey, L.M., Taylor, R., Watson, S.J., Clarke, M.F. and Bennett, A.F. 2012.  Managing fire mosaics for small mammal conservation: a landscape perspective.  J Appl Ecol 49: 412-21.

Haslem, A., Kelly, L.T., Nimmo, D.G., Watson, S.J., Kenny, S.A., Taylor, R.S., Avitabile, S.C., Callister, K.E., Spence-Bailey, L.M., Clarke, M.F. and Bennett, A.F. 2011. Habitat or fuel? Implications of long-term post-fire dynamics for the development of key resources for fauna and fire.  J Appl Ecol 48: 247-56.

Lindenmayer, D., Bennett, A. and Hobbs, R. (eds). 2010.  Temperate Woodland Conservation and Management.  CSIRO Publishing, Melbourne.

Holland, G.J. and Bennett, A.F. 2010.  Habitat fragmentation disrupts the demography of a widespread native mammal.  Ecography 33: 841-53.

Mac Nally, R., Bennett, A.F., Thomson, J.R., Radford, J.Q., Unmack, G., Horrocks, G. and Vesk, P.A. 2009. Collapse of an avifauna: climate change appears to exacerbate habitat loss and degradation. Div & Distrib 15: 720-30.

Haslem, A. and Bennett, A.F. 2008.  Birds in agricultural mosaics: the influence of landscape pattern and countryside heterogeneity. Ecol Applic 18: 185-96.

Radford, J.Q. and Bennett, A.F. 2007.  The relative importance of landscape properties for woodland birds in agricultural environments.  J Appl Ecol 44: 737-47.

Bennett, A.F., Radford, J.Q. & Haslem, A. 2006.  Properties of land mosaics: implications for nature conservation in agricultural environments. Biol Conserv 133: 250-264.

Radford, J.Q., Bennett, A.F. and Cheers, G.J. 2005.  Landscape-level thresholds of habitat cover for woodland birds.  Biol Conserv 124: 317-37.

Mac Nally, R., Bennett, A.F. and Horrocks, G., 2000.  Forecasting the impact of habitat fragmentation.  Evaluation of species-specific predictions of the impact of habitat fragmentation on birds in the box-ironbark forests of central Victoria, Australia.  Biol Conserv 95: 7-29.

Bennett, A.F., 1999, 2003.  Linkages in the Landscape.  The Role of Corridors and Connectivity in Wildlife Conservation.  (IUCN; Gland).  

Bennett, A.F., Henein, K. and Merriam, G., 1994.  Corridor use and the elements of corridor quality: chipmunks and fencerows in a farmland mosaic.  Biol Conserv 68, 155-65

Bennett, A.F.1991.  Roads, roadsides and wildlife conservation: a review.  pp. 99-118 in Nature Conservation 2: The Role of Corridors (Surrey Beatty: Sydney).

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