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Dr Anne Turner

Position: Senior Lecturer
role description
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Exercise & Nut. Sci.
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 92446950 +61 3 92446950



  • Bachelor of Science, Monash University, 1994
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, 1999
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2009


The Endocrine Society (USA)
Endocrine Society of Australia
International Neuroendocrine Federation
Society for the Study of Reproduction (USA)
Society for Reproductive Biology (Australia)

Professional activities

Dr Turner contributes to committees within the University:

Co-opted member of the Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee
Member of joint committee of the Faculty of Health and the Institute of Koorie Education

Dr Turner also contributes to her discipline external to the University:

Member of the editorial board of Animal Reproduction Science
Ad hoc reviewer of papers submitted to Journal of Endocrinology, Journal of Neuroendocrinology, Reproduction, Fertility and Development, Domestic Animal Endocrinology, Journal of Animal Science and Livestock Science
Ad hoc reviewer of grant applications submitted to Alzheimers Australia, Diabetes Australia Research Trust, National Health and Medical Research Council, National Research Agency of France (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, France)


Teaching Interests

Unit Chair HSE208 Integrated Human Physiology
Lecturer HSE208 Integrated Human Physiology
Burwood Campus Coordinator HBS109 Human Structure and Function
Lecturer HBS109 Human Structure and Function
Supervises and co-supervises honours and PhD students

Conferences and seminars

Jayasinghe SU, Torres SJ, Townsin E, Nowson CA, Tilbrook AJ, Turner AI. 2010. Salivary cortisol responses to acute psychological stress in lean and overweight/obese men (Poster presentation). Australian Health and Medical Research Congress, Melbourne, Australia.
Torres SJ, Turner AI, Townsin E, Jayasinghe SU, Nowson CA. 2010. The effect of overweight and obesity on blood pressure responses and recovery to acute psychological stress in men (Oral presentation). Nutrition Society of Australia, Perth, Australia.
Ducher G, Kyriazis SM, Kukuljan S, Turner AI, Hill BL, van der Pligt P, Pantano KJ, Williams NI, De Souza MJ. 2010. Knowledge, attitudes and behaviors regarding the female athlete triad in Australian female exercisers and coaches (Poster presentation). American College of Sports Medicine, USA.
Kyriazis SM, Hill B, Kukuljan S, Turner AI, Ducher G. 2009. Energy deficiency, menstrual disturbances and low bone mass: what do female athletes know about the female athlete triad? (Oral presentation). Nutrition Society of Australia, Newcastle, Australia.
Stefanetti RJ, Turner AI, Quick MJ, Snow RJ and Russell AP. 2008. The effect of estrogen on Akt signalling and protein synthesis in C2C12 mouse skeletal myotubes (Poster presentation). Australian Physiological Society, Melbourne, Australia.
Turner AI, Rivalland ETA, Clarke IJ, Tilbrook AJ. 2008. Cortisol responses to exercise, endotoxin and wetting stress in sheep: Importance of sex and type of stressor (Poster presentation). Endocrine Society of Australia, Melbourne, Australia.
Turner AI and Tilbrook A. 2005. Stress, cortisol and reproduction in female pigs (Invited speaker). International Conference of Pig Reproduction, Kerkrade, The Netherlands.
Turner AI, Hemsworth PH and Tilbrook AJ. 2004. Susceptibility of reproduction in female pigs to impairment by stress or elevation of cortisol (Invited speaker). International Congress on Farm Animal Endocrinology, Budapest, Hungary.
Turner A, Hosking B, Parr R, Dolling M and Tilbrook A. 2004. A sex difference in the cortisol response to injection of ACTH and tail docking develops between one and eight weeks of age in lambs (Poster presentation). International Congress of Endocrinology: Lisbon, Portugal.
Turner AI, Clarke IJ and Tilbrook AJ. 2002. Mechanisms by which stress impairs reproduction in males and females (Invited speaker). Australian Health and Medical Research Congress, Melbourne, Australia.


Research interests

Dr Turner is involved in several projects in the physiology and endocrinology of stress:

the response of the hypothalamo-pituitary adrenal axis and sympatho-adrenal medullary system to psychological stress in women who are physically fit and unfit.
the response of the hypothalamo-pituitary adrenal axis and sympatho-adrenal medullary system to psychological stress in men who are lean and overweight/obese.

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