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Dr Anthony Ware

Position: Senior Lecturer In International And Community Development
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Arts and Education
Department: SHSS Arts & Ed
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 925 17802 +61 3 925 17802



Anthony Ware is a development studies scholar with reserach interests into the impact of sociopolitical factors on participatory community-led development, with Myanmar (Burma) as a primary field of research. He has a growing international reputuation for his work on Context-Sensitive Development: How International NGOs Operate in Myanmar (Kumarian 2012), with related book chapter and journal publications into community-led approaches and the impact of political reform, religion and conflict on development in Myanmar, and theoretical and case-study evaluation of development in difficult sociopolitical contexts more generally.

Anthony is an Early Career Researcher, but already the author or editor of several books and author or co-author of over 25 chapters and journal articles. He is the Acting Director of the Australia Myanmar Institute, a regular reviewer of journal articles and is or has supervised or co-supervise 9 doctoral students in fields ranging from the impact of political transition on minoirity rights, to monitoring of NGO development program quality, to microfinance, child sponsorship, and cultural heritage.


  • Bachelor of Science, University of Melbourne, 1988
  • Bachelor of Ministry, 1990
  • Master of Arts in Ministry, 2004
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2011
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Deakin University, 2012


Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation (research stream co-convenor)

Australia Myanmar Institute (I am acting director)

Australian Institute of International Affairs (Victorian Branch)

Professional activities

2013-ongoing Acting Director: Australia Myanmar Institute

2011-ongoing Board Member & Strategic Advisor: Graceworks Myanmar

2003-2011 Director (voluntary) Community Transformation Inc

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Teaching Interests

  • International Development (ID) and Community Development (CD) theory, principles and practice
  • Empowerment, participation, social change

Subjects and units currently teaching

ADS701 Introduction to International and Community Development
ADS711 Non-Government Organisations & Development
ADS740 Participatory Approaches to Development

Other units previously taught:

  •    ADS721    Internships
  •    AIX 702/3  Dissertations
  •    AID713      Aid Trade and Development
  •    AID724      Humanitarian Emergencies and Disaster Relief
  •    AIP230       Public Policy in Australia
  •    AIR234/34 Order and Justice in World Politics
  •    ASP205     World Religions
  •    (MelbUni)  Understanding Development
  •    (MelbUni)  Conceptualisation of Poverty, Microfinance and Development

Expertise categories

Expertise summary

Myanmar (Burma) - history, development, political transition Participatory development, ABCD Development effectiveness

Knowledge areas

  1. Myanmar (Burma) - development, politics, reform, culture, religion, history, anything
  2. Development in difficult socio-political contexts (failed, fragile and pariah states)
  3. Highly participatory community-driven development (Asset-Based Community Development)
  4. Development aid effectiveness
  5. NGOs and the capacity building of civil society
  6. FBOs and inter-religious development partnerships

Conferences and seminars

Conferences Convened:

  • 2015 Australia-Myanmar Institute: Myanmar & the Sustainable Development Goals: Informed by the Past, Looking to the Future, 10-12 July 2015, Yangon University, in conjunction with the Myanmar Institute of Strategic and International Studies
  • 2015 3rd Deakin Religion & Development Roundtable: Development Across Faith Boundaries, 16 June, co-hosted with Matthew Clarke and World Vision Australia
  • 2013 Australia-Myanmar Institute: Inaugural Conference: Progress, Opportunities and Concerns in Myanmar's Transition, 18-19 March 2013, Melbourne Town Hall. Over 200 participants, from 15 universities, including presentations by Foreign Minister Bob Carr, Prof the Hon Gareth Evans AC QC (Chancellor, ANU), Prof the Hon John Dowd AO QC (Chancellor Southern Cross),and a large number of other significant speakers
  • 2013 Australia-Myanmar Institute:Counterpart Exploratory Meeting, 11 May 2013, Kandawgyi Hotel, Yangon. Over 70 participants, including: Two deputy Myanmar ministers, and two opposition NLD politicians, representatives from several major Myanmar universities, and representatives from leading research Institutions, development agencies, charitable foundations, civil society groups, the Myanmar Medical Association, the Australia-Myanmar Chamber of Commerce and major companies.
  • 2012 Alfred Deakin Research Institute Symposium:Failed, Fragile, Pariah States: Development in Difficult Socio-Political Contexts

Media appearances


  • ABC News 24. 8 October 2015. The World reporting on the Myanmar elections, democracy and Aung San Suu Kyi’s plans to lead the government even if not formally president. 
  • Channel NewsAsia (Singapore). 16 September 2015. Between The Lines special on the Myanmar , transition to democracy, ethnic conflict and religious nationalism alongside Aung Zaw (The Irrawaddy) and Paul Keenan (EuroBurma Office).
  • Channel NewsAsia (Singapore). 22 July 2015. Between The Lines special on the Myanmar Elections alongside renowned Myanmar scholars, Dr Tin Maung Maung Than and A/Prof Maitrii Aung-Thwin.
  • Chanel NewsAsia (Singapore). 10 March 2015. 6:00pm News, live TV news interview re Student demonstrations in Myanmar
  • Chanel NewsAsia (Singapore). 4 July 2014. 5:00pm PrimeTime News, live TV news interview re Muslim-Buddhist violence in Mandalay, Myanmar
  • Chanel NewsAsia (Singapore). 24 May 2013. 7:35pm PrimeTime Asia, live TV news interview re Japanese Prime Ministerial visit to Myanmar
  • Chanel NewsAsia (Singapore). 26 March 2013. 6:20am First Look Asia, live TV news interview re riots in Myanmar
  • SBS  6:30 News. 20th April 2012, re: Myanmar political developments



  • 94.7 The Pulse. 1st October 2012. Deakin Matters re: Myanmar book release
  • 94.7 The Pulse. 28th May 2012. Deakin Matters re: Myanmar politics
  • 3RRR 102.7 FM Breakfast Show. 18th April 2012, re: Myanmar political developments
  • Radio Australia  Asia Today. 16th June 2011, re: poverty in Myanmar.
  • SYN 90.7 FM  Panorama. 4h October 2010, re: Myanmar political developments
  • ABC 774 Melbourne  Evenings. 30th August 2010, re: 3-Minute Thesis, development in Myanmar

Related Links

 Deakin Speaking Blog
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Awards and prizes

  • Vice-Chancellor's Commendation for Excellence in Teaching
  • Faculty Commendation for Excellence in Teaching
  • Early Career Development Fellowship, Deakin University
  • Early Career Research Fellowship, Alfred Deakin Research Institute
  • Publication Scholarship, Deakin University
  • Winner: Deakin University 3-Minute Thesis Competition
  • Australian Post-Graduate Award (APA) scholarship
  • Bursary Arts-Education Faculty, Deakin University


Research projects

Currently Funded Research Projects

2016-2017 Analysis of the causes, nature and capacities for peace in Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim—Rakhine Buddhist conflict (with Dr Costas Laoutides)

2016-2018 Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding Action Research in Rakhine State, Myanmar (with Dr Vicki-Ann Ware)

Research interests

  • Myanmar (Burma), particularly Rakhine & Kachin States
  • Development in difficult socio-political contexts: failed, fragile, pariah
  • Using development assistance to support democratic transition
  • Participatory development, Asset-Based Community Development (ABCD) and Community-led development approaches
  • Addressing marginalisation, equity and conflict through development
  • Development aid effectiveness, particularly in relation to capacity building of civil society, and development by faith-based organisations

Research grants

2016 Gerta Henkel Stiftung Foundation - Euro 43,000 (over 2 years)

Special Grants Programme: Security, Society and the State

Analysis of the causes, nature and capacities for peace in Myanmar's Rohingya Muslim—Rakhine Buddhist conflict (with Dr Costas Laoutides)
To analyse the complex conflict between Muslim and Buddhist communities in Rakhine state, Myanmar, in light of the historic centre-periphery struggles across the country, the current political, social and economic transition underway, and the aftermath of the November 2015 election. The level of segregation, the rate of foreign economic investment and the absence of external mediators makes the conflict in Rakhine state not only significant economically and politically for Myanmar and the region, but also significant for testing and re-examining peace and conflict theories.

2015 GraceWorks Myanmar - USD49,650 (over 3 years)
Conflict Analysis and Peacebuilding Action Research in Rakhine State, Myanmar (with Dr Vicki-Ann Ware)

2014 Deakin University Central Research Grant Scheme - $15,000
Conceptualising an End to Sectarian & Separatist Violence in Myanmar
(with Dr Costas Laoutides)
To examine the causes and aims of three sectarian-separatist conflicts in Myanmar (Rakhine, Kachin, Karen), identifying key factors contributing to the intractable nature of the conflict, and, drawing on comparative literature to conceptualise a lasting end to the conflicts.

2013 Deakin University Central Research Grant Scheme  - $20,000
Development in a Pariah State: An Investigation into Actor Roles, Approaches and Modalities in Myanmar 1990-2010
To investigate international engagement with pariah states, by examining development in Myanmar 1990-2010. This research examines how the type of agency, development approach or modality of action impact access to the humanitarian space, and whether these contributed to the expansion of the civil-political space in Myanmar leading to the current reform.

2012 Alfred Deakin Research Institute, Strategic Initiative Funding - $2,750
Failed, Fragile, Pariah States: Development in Difficult Socio-Political Contexts
Symposium held in September 2012 on the above topic, the papers from which have subsequently been accepted for publication as a book by Palgrave Macmillan, to be released in early 2014

Research groups

Alfred Deakin Institute for Citizenship and Globalisation

Research page



Full List:


  • 2012 Context-Sensitive Development: How International NGOs Operate in Myanmar, Kumarian

Edited Volume

  • 2014 Fragile States, Failed States & Pariah States: Development in Difficult Sociopolitical Contexts, Palgrave
  • 2016 Development Across Faith Boundaries, Routledge

Selected Recent Chapters

  • 2016, “Making Sense of the Kachin Separatist Conflict in Myanmar: Identity & territory”, in Farrelly & Cheesman Dealing with Conflict in Myanmar, Singapore: ISEAS (w C Laoutides)
  • 2015 ‘Religious Space, Inclusion and Social Integration in Colonial Rangoon after 1852’ in Narayanan (ed) Religion and Urbanism, Routledge
  • 2015 ‘Secessionist Aspects to the Buddhist-Muslim Conflict in Rakhine State, Myanmar’ in Laoutides & Kingsbury (eds) Territorial Separatism and Global Politics, Routledge
  • 2014 ‘Beyond the Usual Suspects: Complexity of Fragility & Analytical Framework’ in Ware (ed.). 2014. Development in Difficult Sociopolitical Contexts, Palgrave
  • 2014 ‘Development in Fragile States and Situations: Theory & Critique’ in Ware (ed) 2014. Development in Difficult Sociopolitical Contexts. Palgrave (w. V Ware)
  • 2014 ‘Development in a Fragile Pariah State: Myanmar 1990-2010’ in Ware (ed) 2014. Development in Difficult Sociopolitical Contexts: Fragile, Failed and Pariah States. Palgrave
  • 2014 'Through the Eyes of the Sponsored' in Watson and Clarke (eds) Challenging Child Sponsorship. Palgrave (w. B Watson)
  • 2014 'Asset-Based Community Development in Myanmar' in Brennan et al (eds), Growing Sustainable Communities: A Development Guide for Southeast Asia. Tilde University Press.
  • 2013. 'Why Western-based, Pentecostal Organisations Undertake Community Development in South East Asia' in ClarkeM (ed) Handbook of Research on Religion and Development. Edward Elgar (w V Ware, M Clarke & G Buchanan)
  • 2012. 'Context Sensitivity by Development NGOs in Myanmar' In N Cheesman et al (eds) Myanmar's Transition: Openings, Obstacles and Opportunities. ISEAS


Selected Recent Journal Articles

  • 2016, 'Domains of Faith Impact: How ‘Faith’ is perceived to shape Faith-Based International Development Organisations’, Development in Practice 26(3) (w V Ware & M Clarke)
  • 2013 'Supporting National Transition in Myanmar with Development Assistance’ Journal of International Studies, 9(1)
  • 2013 ’L’implication des missionnaires pentecôtistes dans l’aide au développement en Asie du Sud-Est' Social Compass 60(4) (w. V Ware, M Clarke & G Buchanan)
  • 2013 'An Assessment of Empowerment through Highly Participatory Asset-Based Community Development in Myanmar' Development Bulletin Vol75
  • 2012 'Winds Of Change In Myanmar? Implications For International Cooperation In Poverty Alleviation' JATI Journal of SE Asian Studies 17(1)
  • 2011 'The MDGs in Myanmar: Relevant or Redundant?' Journal of the Asia Pacific Economy 16(4)

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