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Mr Bardo Fraunholz

Position: Director Career Education
Faculty or Division: Graduate Employment Division
Department: Career Education
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46525 +61 3 924 46525



  • Master of Business, University of Trier, 1995
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Law), 1998
  • Postgraduate Diploma (Legal Practice), 1999


  • HISA
  • ICEG
  • GI


Teaching Interests

  • Project Management
  • eBusiness Strategies
  • Knowledge Management
  • Business Security Management
  • Risk Management for IS
  • Information Systems and Global Issues
  • Business Strategies for the Internet
  • Information Systems and Global Issues
  • Business Data Analysis
  • Business Information Systems


Awards and prizes

  • Best Paper - Fraunholz B, Unnithan C (2006) E-Governance - Inhibitor or Facilitator for Democracy and Citizen Empowerment?, International Conference on Electronic Government (ICEG 2006), 15th-17th December, New Delhi, India.
  • Best Paper - Nguyen L, Fraunholz. B, Salzman S, Smith R (2006) Students' Performance and Perception Linked to the Use of Group and Audience Response Systems (GARS) in Large Classes, CollECTeR 2006, 9th December, Adelaide, SA.
  • Faculty award for outstanding contribution to teaching (2009)


Research interests

  • Mobile Applications
  • Health Informatics (School Group)
  • Project Management
  • Knowledge Management (School Group)
  • Electronic Governance & mGovernance

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  • Fraunholz Bardo (2001) Project Management in the German Trade Sector, Proceedings of the Twelfth Australasian Conference on Information Systems, Coffs Harbour NSW, December.
  • Fraunholz Bardo, Hoffmann Jürgen and Jung Jürgen (2003) Evaluation of Mobile Frameworks - conceptual and technological aspects, Proceedings of the 10th European Conference on Information Technology Evaluation, Instituto de Empresa, Madrid, Spain, September.
  • Unnithan, C. and Fraunholz, B. (2006) Evolution of Telecommunications and Mobile Communications in India: A Synthesis in the Transition from Electronic to Mobile Business, in Sherif Kamel (ed.), Electronic Business in Developing Countries: Opportunities and Challenges, pp. 170-192, Idea Group Inc., Hershey, USA.
  • Fraunholz, B. and Unnithan, C. (2007) Potential of telemedicine: a preliminary evaluation through the innovation diffusion lens, International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management, Vol 8, No 3 & 4, pp. 315-332, Inderscience Publishers, United Kingdom.
  • Fraunholz, B. and Unnithan, C. (2008) Anti apathy approaches in representative democracies: e-governance and web 2.0-facilitating citizen involvement, International Journal of Electronic Democracy, Volume 1, No 1, pp. 51-84, Inderscience publishers, United Kingdom.

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