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Dr Bianca Klettke

Position: Lecturer
Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Psychology
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46207 +61 3 924 46207



Dr Bianca Klettke is a psycho-legal researcher with a focus on investigating factors impacting on sexual violence. Her research utilises cognitive variables, including cutting-edge technologies, such as eye-tracking, to investigate perceptions of victims, evidence, legal decision-making, expert-testimony and sexting. Her aim is to inform legal bodies and policy makers about how to minimise sexual violence and how to improve victims' experiences in the legal system.


  • Doctor of Philosophy, University of Memphis, 2004
  • Graduate Certificate of Higher Education, Deakin University, 2007


APS - Full Member

American Psychology and Law Society


Teaching Interests

HPS 206 - Psychology in the Criminal Justice System

Knowledge areas

Adult and child sexual abuse

Sexual violence on the internet (incl sexting)

Legal and jury decision-making

Conferences and seminars

Klettke, B. (2010). Jury decision-making strategies in child sexual abuse cases. Paper presented at the The Eighth Annual Australasian Jury Conference; New Directions in Jury Reform, Research and Policy, Melbourne, Australia. Klettke, B. & Simonis, S. (2010). Community perceptions of older child victims of child sexual abuse in comparison to adult rape victims The perceptions and treatment of mature minors as quasi-adults. Paper presented at the 27th International Congress of Applied Psychology, Melbourne, Australia. Small, C. & Klettke, B. (2009). Knowledge and misconceptions of younger and older children in child sexual assault cases. Paper presented at Advancing Forensic Psychology Conference, Melbourne, Australia. Klettke, B. (2008). Expert Witnesses in child sexual assault cases - Do jurors make the same decisions as juries? Paper presented at ANZAPPL 2008, Risks vs Rights, Sydney. Klettke, B., Raftopoulos, R., Small, C. (2008). What does the Australian public know about child sexual assault? Paper presented at ANZAPPL 2008, Risks vs Rights, Sydney. Klettke, B., & Raftopoulos, R. (2007). Knowledge and perceptions of child sexual abuse in the Australian pubic. Poster presented at the Fifth Annual Jury Research and Practice Conference, Sydney, Australia. Klettke, B. (July 2007). Expert testimony in child sexual abuse cases: do jurors make the same decisions as juries? Paper presented at the 3rd International Congress of Psychology and Law, Adelaide, Australia. Klettke, B. & Wolff, P. (July 2006). Differences in the representation of physical and social causation. Poster presented at The 28th Annual Conference of the Cognitive Science Society, Vancouver, Canada.


Awards and prizes

University of Memphis Research Forum 2004, 1st place

University of Memphis Research Forum 2002, 1st place in Social Sciences

Director's Award 1997, The University of Memphis Honors Department

Interdisciplinary Liberal Arts Honors & Undergraduate Research Scholar 1997


Research interests

Dr Klettke's research focuses on the interface between psychology and the law, including:

Child sexual abuse
Adult sexual abuse
Judicial and jury decision making
Family violence

Research page



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Klettke, B. & Powell, M. (2011). The effects of evidence, coherence and credentials on jury decision-making in child sexual abuse trials. Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 18 (2), pp. 263-269.

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