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Dr Bodil Rasmussen

Position: Chair In Nursing (Western Health)
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Faculty or Division: Faculty of Health
Department: School of Nursing and Midwif.
Campus: Melbourne Burwood Campus
Phone: +61 3 924 46425 +61 3 924 46425



Dr Rasmussen is active participating member in following organisations:

Australian Diabetes Educators Association
Australian Diabetes Society
Diabetes Victoria
The Australasian Diabetes in Pregnancy Society
Fellow, College of Nursing, Australia
Psychosocial Aspects of Diabetes Study Group (Europe)
The Australian Centre for Behavioural Research in Diabetes

Membership of Boards and Committees at Deakin University:

Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee (FAPDC)
Teaching and Learning Committee, The School of Nursing and Midwifery
School Research and Research Training Committee (SRRT)
Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Strategic Research Centre (QSP)
Course Advisory Sub-Committee, Graduate Certificate in Diabetes Education
Course Advisory Sub-Committee, Master of Nursing Practice
Course Advisory Sub-Committee, Nurse Practitioner.


Teaching Interests

HND731 Teaching and Learning for Health Professionals

HND732 Social and Psychological Contexts of Diabetes

HNN725 Research Thesis A

HNN726 Research Thesis B

Associate Profesor Rasmussen teaches in numerous units across undergraduate and postgraduate courses with the focus on psychosocial aspects of living with chronic conditions, in particular in the perspective of life transitions and self-management.

Knowledge areas

Diabetes edcuation and educational outcomes, psyhosocial aspects of living with diabetes and other chronic conditions, life transitions and coping with life changes.

Student supervision

PhD students
Ashley Ng 'Identifying diabetes education and service needs of young adults with type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes during life transitions'.

Yen Yang “The personal meaning of self- care of Chinese people with type 2 diabetes in Australia” (submitted August 2013) with Principal Supervisor Professor Trisha Dunning
Principal Supervisor: Master of Nursing Practice (Research)
Del Lovett, ‘Primary Health Care Nurses view of Men’s Health’

Principal Supervisor: Master of Nursing Practice students (Minor Thesis):
2015 Claire Gatto 'Emerging adults and recent onset type 1 diabetes mellitus in regional Victoria: perceptions, impact and self-management'
2015 Anne Storgaard 'A Patient Perspective on Patient Participation'
2014 Esther Lee ‘Correlational Study of Sleep Apnoea Patient’s Characteristics with Discharge Locations’
2013 Joanne Bowden 'A study of prevalence of depressive mood symptomatology and diabetes-related distress in type 1 diabetes mellitus: Relationships with diabetes glycaemic control'

2012   May-Britt Brinkman Nurses' Perspectives on the National Strategy of Quality Development, Master of Health Science, Nursing, Deakin University, Master of Health Science, Nursing, Deakin University.
2012   Mette Adler Experience of support from relatives in an accelerated intervention program when undergoing a total hip replacement, Master of Health Science, Nursing, Deakin University.
2012   Renita Brinth Filipino nurses' transitional experiences into Danish nursing practice master of Health Sciences, Nursing, Deakin University.
2012   Vicky Dyeremose Nurses attitudes to overweight children and their families – a qualitative study’, Master of Health Science, Nursing, Deakin University.
2011 Marie Thomsen Assessment of the information patients receive at commencement of Warfarin therapy: a nursing perspective, Master of Health Science, Nursing, Deakin University (May, 2011)
2011   Rie Espersen Health perceptions as experienced by homeless alcohol-dependent people at a reception centre, Master of Health Science, Nursing, Deakin University (March 2011)
2010  Karin Piil Nurse Consultations’ - Redefinition of the Scope of Practice?,  Master of Health Science, Nursing, Deakin University ( May 2010)
2007   Susanne Sebens The challenges of being a female leader/manager in the Danish Health Care Sector. Master of Health Science (Nursing), (Sep 2007) Deakin University
2007   Ulrike van Kuppevelt Construction of the nutritional care relationships between malnourished patients with poor appetite and nutrition-assistants, Master of Health Science (Nursing) (Feb 2007). 
2007  Tone Andreassen &  Elizabeth Wilhelmsen What do parents of newly diagnosed toddlers with diabetes (0-3 years) think of the diabetes support system? Honours thesis (June 2007)

Conferences and seminars

Recent Invited to Speaker:

2014  ‘Diabetes Update Conference’,  Danish Diabetes Association (Diabetes Foreningen) Annual Conference, Hotel Scandic Copenhagen, Vester Søgade 6, 1601 Copenhagen V., Denmark, 17 November, Copenhagen.

2013   World Diabetes Congress 2013, Melbourne, Symposium titled “Diabetes transitions and their psychosocial effects, Presentation titled: "Women's life transitions and diabetes", International Diabetes Federation, Melbourne Convention Centre, 3 – 6 Dec 2013, Melbourne.

2013   Conference for Nurses - Title of Conference: Nursing People with Chronic Illness, Presentation title: Life Transitions as experienced by people with Chronic Illness, 13 May, The Hotel Ibis, Therry Street, Melbourne.


Awards and prizes

Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning, Office of Learning and Teaching, Australian Government, 2013.

Deakin University Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, 2012.

Awarded Overseas Placement (OSP) for first trimester 2012.

Deakin University Commendation for Excellence in Teaching Award, December 2011.

Deakin University Commendation for Excellence in Teaching Award, December 2009.

Deakin University Commendation for Excellence in Teaching Award, December 2008


Research projects

Collaborative International Research projects

Research Project established between Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Strategic Research Centre, Deakin University, School of Nursing and Midwifery, Copenhagen University and Diabetes Victoria,  ‘An innovative online self-management intervention for Victorian young adults with type 1 diabetes: Guided Self-Determination Program’ (established November 2014).

Research Project established between Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Strategic Research Centre (QSP), Deakin University, Eastern Health, Melbourne and Barwon Health, Geelong Centre, Clinical Nursing Research, VIA Viborg, Denmark and Department of Public Health, Faculty of Health, Aarhus University, Denmark. A/Prof B. Rasmussen, A/Prof Trish Livingstone, Prof Trisha Dunning, A/Prof Vibeke Lorentzen and A/Prof Helle Terkildsen ‘Self-management needs among younger people with type 2 diabetes: An Australian and Danish Cohort Comparison’, (established June 2012).

Research Project established between Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Strategic Research Centre, Deakin University, School of Nursing, VIA Holstebro, A/Prof Bodil Rasmussen, A/Prof Trish Livingston, Dr Jette Henriksen and Mrs Anette Meldgaard. ‘The transitional experience and health care needs of newly diagnosed breast cancer in a regional hospital in Denmark’ (established November 2012).

Research project established between Epworth Health-Deakin University, Centre for Clinical Nursing Research , Australia and Holstebro Hospital, Region Midt, Denmark Botti, M, Rasmussen, B., Brandt-Jørgensen, E. ‘The Pain Experience and Pain Treatment of Patients after Surgery’,  (established in August, 2010).


Research interests

Associate Professor Rasmussen’s program of research investigates the impact of changes during life transitions on diabetes self-management and risk management among young adults with diabetes. Dr Rasmussen supervises Masters and Doctoral students in her research field. She works in partnership with professional national and international diabetes organisations and with world renowned researchers in the field of self-management in chronic conditions and leads projects in self-management of chronic conditions during life transitions in Scandinavia.

Research grants

Successful Grants:
2012 Quality and Patient Safety (QPS) Strategic Research Centre (QSP), Deakin University, seeding fund grant, A/Prof B. Rasmussen, A/Prof Trish Livingstone, Prof Trisha Dunning, A/Prof Vibeke Lorentzen and A/Prof Helle Terkildsen ‘Self-management needs among younger people with type 2 diabetes: An Australian and Danish Cohort Comparison’.
2011   Novo Nordisk Regional Diabetes Support Scheme, Rasmussen, B., Dunning,T., Botti, M.,  & Speight, J. ‘Self-management strategies used by women with Type 1 diabetes in their transition to motherhood’, Australia.
2010  Clinical Care, Quality and Risk Management (CCQRM) Deakin University, Rasmussen, B, Dunning, T, Botti, M., Jenkins, A., Ward, G., Hagger, V., Gilbert, K., Beeney, L. ‘Self-management of diabetic women in transition to motherhood: survey development’.
2010  Curtin University in cooperation with Deakin University and Australian Diabetes Educator Association (ADEA), 2009, Chronic Disease Self-management/ Lifestyle and Risk Modification Grants, Glaister, K., Gilbert, M., Dunning, T. & Rasmussen, B.
2009   Deakin University and the University of Ballarat Collaboration Fund, 2009, Exploring the quality of diabetes care in Barwon and Ballarat public residential care, Wellard, S., Hasseler, M., Dunning, T., Rasmussen, B., & King, R. University of Ballarat/Ballarat Health Services, Barwon health and Deakin University.
2008    Deakin University Faculty Grant Deakin, 2008, The effect of Tai Chi on psychosocial status: a systematic
review, Rasmussen, B., Lo, S.K., Dunning,T., Duan, W., Zhang, T.,  Deakin University, School of Nursing and
School of Medicine, WHO Collaborating Center for Traditional Medicine / RMIT University.

2007   Australian Diabetes Scientists-Servier National Action Plan, 2007, Rasmussen, B., Dunning, T., Ward,G., Jenkins, A. and Rowley, K. Novel strategies for managing life transitions for young adults with Type 1 diabetes, Department of Endocrinology and Diabetes, St Vincent’s Hospital and Melbourne University, Melbourne.

Research groups

Strategic Research Centre: Quality and Patient Safety (QPS)

ScanTRICC: TRanslational Interventions to assist people in living well with Chronic Conditions, a Scandinavian initiative.



Rasmussen, B., Terkildsen Maindal, H., Livingston, P., Dunning, T. & Lorentzen, V. (2015). Psychosocial factors impacting on life transitions among young adults with type 2 diabetes: an Australian - Danish qualitative study. Scandinavian Journal of Caring Science. [Epub ahead of print]

Botti, M., Khaw,D., Brandt-Jørgensen, E., Rasmussen, B., Hunter, S. & Redley (2015). Cross-Cultural Examination of the Structure of the Revised American Pain Society Patient Outcome Questionnaire (APS-POQ-R). J Pain. [Epub ahead of print]

Graue, M., Rasmussen, B., Iversen, A. S. & Dunning, T. (2015). Learning transitions-a descriptive study of nurses' experiences during advanced level nursing education. BMC Nursing, 14, 1-9.

Rasmussen, B., Skouteris, H., Berg, M., Nagle, C., Morris, H., Nankervis, A. & Sparud-Lundin, C. (2015) Breastfeeding practices in women with type 1 diabetes: a discussion of the psychosocial factors and policies in Sweden and Australia. Women Birth, 28, 71-5.

Rasmussen, B. McNamara, C. & Crowe, A.  Participating creatively: E-Portfolio Learning in Diabetes Education on the Cloud in Coleman, K.S. & Flood, A. (2014)(Eds.). Capturing Creativity: The Link between Creativity and Teaching Creatively, Common Ground, Champaign, Illinois: Common Grounds Publishing LLC. University Press.

Rasmussen, B, Hendrieckx, C, Clarke, B, Botti, M, Dunning, T, Jenkins, A & Speight, J, (2013) ‘Key issues for women with type 1 diabetes transitioning to motherhood: a structured literature review’, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, (In press October 2013).

Rasmussen, B. Clarke, B, Botti, M, Dunning, T, Hendrieckx, C,  & Speight, J. (2013) Transition to motherhood in type 1 diabetes: design of the Pregnancy and Postnatal Well-being in T1DM Transition Questionnaires’ BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, February, 13:54, pp. -11.

Nagle, C. Skouteris, H, Morris, H, Nankervis, A,  Rasmussen, B, Mayall , P & Kennedy, LR. 2013 Primary prevention of gestational pregnancy for women who are overweight and obese: a randomised controlled trial, BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth, 13:65, p 1-6.

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Rasmussen, B., Glenn Ward, Alicia Jenkins, Susan J King &Trisha Dunning 2011 Young adults’ management of Type 1 diabetes during life transitions, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 20:1981–1992

Edward, K., Rasmussen, B., & Munro, I. 2010 Nursing Care of Clients Treated with Atypical Antipsychotics Who Have a Risk of Developing Metabolic Instability and/or Type 2 Diabetes Archives of Psychiatric Nursing, 24 1; 46-53.

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